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Evolution vs God

“Faith is the great cop-out, the great excuse to evade the need to think and evaluate the evidence.” (Richard Dawkins).
“Ray Comfort has done it again. In this video he uncovers the illogic of the atheists' thinking as he shows people two things, how evolution falls short as a true scientific theory and how their belief in it is actually faith.” – Matt Slick,

“Evolution vs. God” is a new movie by Ray Comfort, and whether you love or hate the guy, you can’t ignore him. (See If you haven’t seen the movie yet I encourage you to watch it – you can see it for free here
( ) on YouTube.

Aware of the fact that evolutionists and atheists pride themselves on believing in the ‘facts’ of science instead of the ‘faith’ of religion, and aware that real science is based on observational evidence and repeatable experiments, Ray Comfort repeatedly asks evolutionists the question, “Could you give me some observable evidence that evolution is true – evidence of a change of kinds – something that I don’t have to receive by faith?” The answers (actually the lack of answers) are very revealing.
The movie shows evolution for what it is, like the emperor with no clothes, when closely examined the hard evidence can’t be seen because it doesn’t really exist – certainly not empirical evidence that is the stuff of real science that can be tested and observed in the present. Things that supposedly happened ‘millions of years ago’ can’t be observed today but must be accepted by faith. (See my article about millions of years).

The university students that are interviewed have faith in their teachers and the “scientific community”. I feel sorry for these no doubt intelligent university science students who have been duped into believing evolution is a fact – but they believe it largely because their professors and the majority of scientists believe it. (The logical fallacies here are the appeal to authority and the appeal to the majority.) But when the PhD science professors (including the famous atheist PZ Meyers) are asked the same questions they can’t provide real reasons or real evidence to show that evolution is true either, just ad hoc stories.

The best ‘evidence’ evolutionists can provide for evolution are things like stickleback fish changing into other kinds of… stickleback fish. (See Stickleback fish article here ( Or finch birds changing into… other kinds of finch birds. ( ) But neither of these is really evolution as there is no new genetic information that has been added – it’s speciation (minor variations within the same kind of animal). It is not a change in kind of one animal changing into another animal. This kind of thinking and playing with words (where evolution and speciation are interchanged to mean the same thing) is a logical fallacy called equivocation. Whether this is a deliberate deception or whether the evolutionists are unaware of what they are doing is open to interpretation. However, as Ray points out, why not lie and deceive if there is no God to hold us all ultimately accountable? 

Another ‘evidence’ that is provided is Lenski’s bacteria experiment – but Ray points out that they are still just bacteria. On PZ Meyers’ blog Meyers writes about their interview and says he is upset because in his view Ray ignores the fact that these bacteria have changed to become “quantitatively different bacteria”. But that is exactly the problem – they aren’t really that different – there has been a mutational change but it isn’t an increase in genetic information – the change is a downhill change. All of these kinds of changes, whether via mutation or speciation, are like trying to get to the top of Mt. Everest (or in this case Mt. Evolution) by continually heading down and at best occasionally going sideways! (See and )

Ray also asks a few people if they have a dog and when they say they do, he asks them if their dog was drowning and at the same time a neighbor that they don't know was drowning – who would they save?  Startlingly they say they would save their dog! It’s been pointed out before that caring for pets goes against the ‘survival of the fittest’ of evolution and Ray shows how the theory of evolution devalues human life in general.

Ray Comfort gets to the heart of the matter – evolution (and the atheism it leads to) is not truly scientific and it is believed in by faith – blind faith – because the alternative – believing in Creation and God, means being morally accountable to the Creator. It’s much ‘easier’ to believe in evolution and atheism and then I am ‘free’ to do whatever I want. (But beware – such ‘freedom’ leads to slavery to one’s own desires). 
Ultimately it is evolution and atheism that are “the great cop-out” and “the great excuse to evade the need to think and evaluate the evidence.”

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