Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Who made God?

If you think about the question, "Who made God?" you will see that it doesn’t make sense. It would have to be a bigger God that made God, but then the next question would be who made this bigger God? It would have to be a bigger bigger God! But who made the bigger bigger God? It would have to be a bigger bigger bigger God, and so it would go on infinitely – an infinite chain of bigger Gods. There are only two logically possible answers to this question – either there was an infinite chain of bigger Gods, or an infinitely big and powerful God has always existed. The latter is the only thing that makes sense (although it is mind-blowing when you really think about it with our finite minds), and this is exactly what the Bible says about God – that He is infinite in power and eternal in nature.

(Thanks to Ken Ham for the basic argument outlined above.)

This answer to the question of who made God does not prove that God exists, but it does show that the question is nonsensical. The proof that God exists is that without him you couldn't prove anything, because proof presupposes things like knowledge, logic and truth and you can't get those without God. (See my website

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