Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Why Intellectuals Laugh at Atheists - Matt Dillahunty gets Destroyed in Debate

For those who don't know, the atheist in the video is Matt Dillahunty. He's a high profile atheist, and has his own atheist show (http://www.atheist-experience.com/).

In this video Cliff Knechtle (http://givemeananswer.org/) exposes the foolishness of Matt's atheism.

Why Intellectuals Laugh at Atheists (Part 16): Blind Faith Atheist

This girls answer is pretty much the same as Matt's answer


  1. hahaha poor delusional, superstitious theist, "we believe in an imaginary sky daddy, that loves us so much, that if we don't love him back, he'll torture us forever in a lake of fire!" So much logic...

    1. Logic, truth, and objective morality (which you're all assuming) presuppose God and cannot be accounted for without God. As for torturing forever - that idea isn't biblical and I've refuted it in several blog posts such as this one: http://godorabsurdity.blogspot.com/2013/08/misconceptions-about-hell.html

  2. Cliff believes that god a christian god exists and science can prove it--laughable
    Science proves god eh??
    According to you, your god created the universe 13.7b yrs ago --but then waited until 4.5b y/a before creating a distant solar system from the accretion dust of a supernova –Why?
    He then created life some 3.5b ya , but only in a tiny spiral arm of a insignificant galaxy whilst leaving the rest of the universe a void for life but a breeding ground for black holes–Why?
    He then waited until 600m y/a before getting to multicellular life , and until 250.000 y/a before creating Homo sapiens from a complex bush of other hominids who are now all extinct --Why?
    He also allowed at least 7 near extinction events which wiped out over 99 percent of all species that ever existed ---Why?
    The best you got is a god that lit the fuse 13.7b y/a and then took the longest nap in history
    Worse than that your creator decided to plague humanity with a vast array of genetic diseases , viruses , bacterial infections and other avoidable deadly ailments that killed off over a half of all of us before our 5th birthday until modern science saved our species
    And of course we seem to be an afterthought to the great physicist as we are going to die in a vast solar expansion in 4 billion years
    Hardly credible that any thinking creator would consider this a success
    Why not just show some honesty and admit you have fuck all idea about the start of the universe , just like everyone else

    Now tell us again about how Dillahunty lost to this fraud?

    1. Your critique would be a good one to raise with Cliff, and I totally agree with your critique of theistic evolution and Old Earth Creationism. That's one of the reasons that I'm not a theistic evolutionist or old earth creationist but am a young earth creationist. The Bible is very clear that the universe and earth are young, and there is nothing in observational science that contradicts this. Death and suffering came into the world only thousands of years ago, after Adam and Eve rebelled against God, and as a result of that we live in fallen creation awaiting God to put things right and make a new heaven and a new earth. But according to your worldview, what's objectively morally wrong with suffering? The fact that you object to it as unfair presupposes an objective moral standard of goodness that cannot be accounted for without God.