Monday, March 31, 2014

Noah the Movie - Fact vs Fiction

This evening I went to the cinema and watched the movie "Noah" with some of my Christian friends, and I'd like to share some of my thoughts on it.

One online review of "Noah" that I highly recommend is this review from Answers in Genesis. It includes a 42 minute video review (see below) that is scathing and discusses how highly unbiblical the movie is - in fact it's being called the most unbiblical biblical movie ever! I really encourage you to look into the facts and separate fact from fiction.

Noah Movie Review with Ken Ham 
(The review is 42 minutes long, and then they go into a teaching - 'Creation and the Last Days'. I agree with pretty much everything they say, apart from that the movie was boring - I didn't find it boring. If it were possible to set aside the massive theological problems I'd say it was entertaining.)

If you aren't a Christian and think that the whole Bible isn't true - the question for you is - how do you get truth without God? (See my website page on truth). If you are a Christian, my question for you is, do you know the Bible well enough to be able to defend your faith and have a faith that is grounded in biblical truth rather than having your beliefs mixed up with secular ideas?

Some of the Positives

- At times cinematically breathtaking (This review captures that sense)
- Flood depicted as global.
- Wickedness and violence of humanity at that time shown.
- Brief depiction of creation event that shows God's power, however it has an evolutionary / Big Bang overtone to it and seems to be implying millions of years).

Some of the Negatives

- Noah came across as something of a psychopath who believed his mission was to save the animals but not humans.
- Noah had no concern at all for others who would perish in the flood.
- Size of the Ark in the movie was somewhat smaller than the actual biblical dimensions. (Although it looked to be close - the Bible dimensions put the real Ark at 140 metres long.)
- Number of snakes was a bit overdone.
- God (called "the creator") portrayed as distant and unable to clearly communicate with Noah.
- God portrayed as wanting Noah to kill children 
- Noah had to go into some kind of drug induced psychosis to receive his main revelation.
- Stone angelic "Watchers" not biblical
- Methuselah has magic powers
- 6 people on the Ark instead of 8
- The shed skin of Satan has magical powers

So if you do go to see it, don't expect it to be too close to the biblical story! Actually within the first few seconds of the start of the movie they'd already significantly deviated from what the Bible says.

I believe that the real Noah preached to the lost of the impending judgment of God, and that no one believed him - instead they mocked him. There was lots of room on the Ark for more than 8 people, but when the flood came it came suddenly and no one was anywhere near the Ark to be saved, apart from Noah, his wife, their 3 sons, and their wives.

Likewise, Christians today preach of the impending judgment of God, and that salvation can be found through the "Ark" of Jesus Christ, but most people just mock. If you have not repented and put your trust in Jesus, I pray that you will do so before it's too late. 

Ray Comforts 'Noah Movie'

I highly recommend this movie as being much more biblical than the Hollywood version! (And you can watch it for free here too).

At the end of the Noah Movie here is a short promo for the Ark Encounter, which is a full-size replica Ark project in the USA.

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