Sunday, March 16, 2014

"The Realistic Nihilist" (TRN)

In the video below the "The Realistic Nihilist" tries to debate Sye Ten Bruggencate. He even agrees that he is an epistemological nihilist, which means that we can't know anything. But debates presuppose knowledge, and so Sye challenges him that if he wants to debate him he must renounce his nihilism. At first he isn't willing to do this and wants to temporarily adopt the evidentialist worldview, but Sye points out that the debate is over because he has abandoned his nihilism and is unwilling to try to defend it. 

Then later he tries to come back and agrees to renounce nihilism. He clearly says that he has decided to renounce it for the rest of his life, and says he will change his YouTube name the next day. (See the video below at 49:50 to 50:50 and the transcript).

Transcript from BTWN Show video 49:50 to 50:50

Sye: But are you a nihilist or are you an evidentialist?
TRN: I’m an evidentialist.
Sye: Well you said you’re a nihilist.
TRN: I’ve renounced that.
Sye: Are you going to be a nihilist tomorrow?
TRN: No. I’ll be an evidentialist.
Sye: You’ll be an evidentialist for the rest of your life?
TRN: For sure.
Sye: Ok, so now you’re an evidentialist?
TRN: Yes.
Sye: Do you employ your senses and reasoning in order to glean evidence?
TRN: Hold on a minute. Hold on. I’m going to explain that to you…
Sye: Let me ask you this question - when are you going to change your YouTube name?
TRN: I don’t know… I’ll do it tomorrow.
Sye: You will?
TRN: Yeah sure.
Sye: Ok. I’ll keep an eye on that.
TRN: Ok.
Sye: I’ll encourage other people to do that too to see if this man is being honest or just playing a game.
TRN: Ok. That’s fine. The realistic evidentialist.
Sye: Great. I’m looking forward to it.

The problem is that now, 6 months later, he still hasn't changed his YouTube name - he's still using the name 'The Realistic Nihilist'. Just 1 week ago he posted another video ranting about how stupid BibleThumpingWingnut is. (He's a Christian and presuppositionalist). (See TRN rant here: Bible Thumping Wingnut is...)

"Realistic Nihilist" - you need to repent of your self-refuting worldview and stop lying. Stop lying to other people, stop lying to yourself, and stop lying to God. I agree with what BTWN said in the bottom video - I don't have anything personally against you - you're a smart guy, but you've adopted a very bad philosophy.

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('The Realistic Nihilist makes it to #1 due to his absurd worldview that doesn't care about being self-refuting, contradictory, and inconsistent - those things are "not a problem to nihilism" because he doesn't try and defend it - because he can't - it's too absurd. Nor can he say that Christianity is wrong  and yet he has the nerve to rant about how stupid BTWN is.)


  1. How do you know my worldview is self-refuting?

    1. Given the question and the fact that the picture is the same as the YouTube picture for 'The Realistic Nihilist' I'll assume it's you. Your question presupposes knowledge, but in your worldview you can't know anything. You even admitted that in the video debate with Sye and BTWN. You got totally refuted by Sye in the debate, and the fact that you could not defend your nihilism and had to abandon it shows you'd lost the debate. You have two choices - either give up Nihilism, or stop trying to debate (and discuss / put down) Christians online. Which will it be?

  2. Your worldview is reduced to absurdity which has to be defended by quote mining youtube video's.

    You defeat yourself.

    1. Was that comment directed at me? Could you be wrong about everything you claim to know S Scouse?

    2. you do realize Brendan that to say you cant know anything to be real unless your god is revealing it is a self-refuting statement right? you really need to think about what the word "reality" really means.

  3. The Realistic Nihilist is a vile human being and troll IMO.