Monday, April 28, 2014

Atheist Lies - Horus Meme Refuted

From time to time professed atheists post this meme that has supposed "facts" implying that Jesus is an invented myth copied from other religions. Here's the meme...

However, the above meme is total nonsense. Whoever made it is either a deliberate liar, or a total fool who doesn't care about checking out the facts. Below is a rebuttal of the above meme. (See here for a link to the original version which is easier to read.)

One other point that was missed in the above chart is the fact that Jesus probably wasn't born on December the 25th. We don't know when he was born, so to try and draw links there is just foolish.

Atheists - "why you no research?" I guess the facts aren't really important to professed atheists. Why not propagate lies if you have no absolute moral standards or God to be accountable? Once again professed atheists are showing that truth is not high on their list of priorities.

CMI also has a number of good articles on this topic such as Pagan copycat thesis refuted.

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  1. Mithra......ok, so somebody can be "born on Dec. 25th" some 1000 YEARS+ before the Julian Calendar???? Yeah...right...