Sunday, April 20, 2014

NT Wright believes in Evolution

While N.T. Wright is a New Testament scholar who is highly respected by many, he gets some things fundamentally wrong. God did not use evolution, and to say that he could have used evolution and millions/billions of years is to compromise the authority of the Bible. Note too that in the video Wright is speaking for Biologos - a liberal theistic evolutionary group (See this critique for more on Biologos: Wright does not get it right! He should stick to talking and writing about the New Testament and not talk about the Old Testament and other things that he has no authority or real understanding on. If Wright really did know the New Testament well he'd know that it teaches a young earth and global flood - it certainly doesn't teach evolution but warns us against being deceived by secular philosophies and heretical teachings that go against God's Word. (

Here is an article that further discusses the problems with theistic evolution:

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