Monday, May 26, 2014

Book Review - Who Made Truth? Kids Can Prove God Exists

Who Made Truth? Kids Can Prove God Exists, by Mike Robinson, is a brilliant book, that I recommend for anyone interested in having a better grasp of how to defend the Christian faith using presuppositional apologetics, and of course for parents wanting to strengthen the faith of their kids.

If anyone thinks that presuppositional apologetics is too difficult for the average person, they should read this book! Even kids can understand and use it!

I loved the Van Til analogy in the book of the man who thinks his house has no concrete foundation because he can't see it, but can only see the wooden floor - likewise atheists think they aren't reliant on God as their foundation for knowledge and logic because they can't see God - but without him they would not be able to know anything.

The section in the book on self-refuting arguments was also really useful.

The only thing I think the book could really do with is some illustrative artwork. Other than that it's a great little book (46 pages). I picked up a few new ideas and it gave me more ideas about putting terminology into language that kids can understand. It does still use a few technical words, that younger kids would struggle with, but most of those more difficult words are accompanied by simpler words in brackets.

I got this book as a digital download at the following website:

Mike Robinson's blog is God Does Exist: All Know it (

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