Saturday, November 1, 2014

Islam - Warning to the West

We are living in a time when Islamic terrorist attacks are becoming more and more frequent all over the world. Unfortunately most people are clueless about what is going on, why it is happening, and what we can do about it. I encourage you to watch the following videos, and to read the information in this blog carefully. If you want to do something to make a difference then I encourage you to share this with your friends and to email it to your politicians.

Below are the 10 key points from the video The True Face of Islam - Geert Wilders Warning to America. (This speech was given to America, but the same principles apply to all western nations.)

(The above quote is from Bukhari 2:24. For more on this see Islam and Forced Conversion).
  1. Stop Cultural Relativism - our western nations have been built on Christianity, Judaism and Humanism.
  2. Show how Fundamentalist Islam is not a religion - Islam is a totalitarian political ideology. Sharia dominates every aspect of society.
  3. Show the true face of Fundamentalist Islam - compare Islam with other totalitarian ideologies such as fascism.
  4. Stop the mass immigration from Muslim countries.
  5. Outlaw Sharia Law and deport its practitioners - if they are happy to integrate and don't want Sharia then they are welcome.
  6. Immigrants must sign legally binding pledge of integration to their new home country.
  7. Stop building new Mosques.
  8. Reciprocity with Saudi Arabia for western Churches and Synagogues - as long as Saudi Arabia bans Churches and Synagogues in their country then we should not allow them to build Mosques in our countries.
  9. Close all Islamic Schools - they are being taught an ideology of hate and terror.
  10. Get rid of our current weak leaders - instead of governments like the UK banning people like Geert Wilders who are speaking the truth we need leaders who will take the same strong stand against Islam and for freedom.  
Warning to the West in Relation to ISIS

Attack on Canada's Parliament - Michael Coren & Geert Wilders - YouTube. (6 minute video)

Key points:
  • Don't stop jihadists that want to join ISIS - jail them or let them leave the country, but never let them back - it's better to have them do crazy stuff in Iraq and Syria than crazy stuff in our own countries.
  • We are at war - war has been declared on the west by the Islamic State - in a time of war our number one priority needs to be to protect our own people.
  • Detain those who are clearly strongly supporting the violent ideology of ISIS.
  • Stop the immigration from Islamic nations.
  • Get rid of the political correctness that says that the Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam - the Quran tells Muslims to behead those who will not submit to Islam.

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