Saturday, December 27, 2014

God or Absurdity vs NZ Atheist

Yesterday I came across the Facebook page NZ Atheist. I left a comment on their page and below is the discussion that ensued, of which I've taken screenshots so that everyone can see the way that professed atheists have to work hard to suppress the truth about God. I use a presuppositional approach to show the wisdom of God and the absurdity of denying God.

At this point I called it a night. I checked the discussion again today and so far there are still no answers to my questions and a few atheist trolls have turned up with their usual mocking and intellectual dishonesty, so I'm leaving it there for now. I'm interested to hear what others thought of the discussion.

UPDATE: About a day later I again pressed NZ Atheist to account for logic in his worldview. I got a long answer that didn't give a direct answer. Here's what was said:

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