Sunday, May 10, 2015

Did Pam Geller NEEDLESSLY Offend Muslims? An Open Letter to Dr Michael Brown

I'm reblogging this excellent article from I couldn't have said it better myself.

Dear Dr. Brown,

I come to you as a brother in Christ, and one of your biggest defenders.  I have defended you in the comments below your Charisma articles from believers who continually slander you for being bold in your quest for sharing the truth about the dangers of homosexuality.  So please understand I come as a friend (trying to sharpen iron), not as a foe.

In one Facebook post you wrote, “I am committed to boldly proclaiming Jesus even if it means death.  I'm not committed to NEEDLESSLY offending those I want to reach."  Your comment reiterates the sentiments from your recent article on the Muhammad cartoon contest in Texas:  “And so, while I defend Geller’s right to hold the contest and, to repeat, while I commend her courage and boldness, I personally believe it is an UNNECESSARY provocation of Muslims…”  I emphasized NEEDLESSLY and UNNECESSARY because that is the crux of my disagreement with your comments.   You seem to believe the offense was needless while Pamela Geller, I, and many others believe that it was needed.  I will get to why I believe it is needed and not needless later, but first, have you considered your posts and pictures that shed light on the brutality committed in the name of Islam?  You have also provided Quranic verses that show how Islam’s holy book justifies these acts.  Don’t think I am condemning these posts.  I cheer them on because they reflect the truth—a truth many are ignorant of and therefore NEED to be informed on.  But you do realize these posts probably offend Muslims; therefore, some Islamapologists or even some Christians could just as easily point to your posts and say, “while I defend Dr. Brown’s right to post on Facebook, while I commend his courage and boldness, I personally believe it is an UNNECESSARY provocation of Muslims.”  In fact you know from experience that your posts offend Muslims because they have complained to Facebook and have had your page shut down.

But I am guessing that you post these not with the INTENTION of antagonizing Muslims, but with the INTENT of informing/raising awareness to a spiritual and even physical danger that cloaks itself in a religion called “Islam.”   And maybe that is where you are drawing a distinction between you and Pam Gellar—INTENT.  Your intent is to inform/raise awareness and you believe Pam’s intent is to antagonize. But if that is the case, the assumption that Geller’s intent is to antagonize is nothing more than that—an assumption.  It is based on nothing that she has said explicitly or implicitly.  When asked by CNN’s Jake Tapper, “What was the purpose of holding an event that specifically focused on drawing Muhammad?”  Geller responded, “Well that’s where the war on free speech is coming from…” (2:45 mark below)

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