Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Robert Spencer and Megan Kelly Interview Re Garland Shooting

Robert Spencer from Jihad Watch was interviewed today by Megan Kelly in relation to the recent Garland Texas Shooting at the Muhammad Cartoon event. What they said was so true and so insightful that I'm sharing it here on my blog.

From the interview:
Megyn Kelly: Are we not on very dangerous ground here where two assassins try to kill innocent people exercising their First Amendment rights and the question the society is now asking is, 'well what were they saying?'

Robert Spencer: That's exactly the problem. We're on VERY dangerous ground, because what we're saying is if you kill enough people then we will give you what you want, and we will turn on the people who wont give you want, and we will make them the problem.

"The shooting last night was not caused by the free-speech event... [It was] caused by Islamic supremacist ideology and its law that incites Muslims to kill those they judge to have disparaged Islam." (Andrew McCarthy)

For the Full interview see here.

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