Saturday, January 16, 2016

Facebook Censors My Posts Exposing the Naked Truth About Islam

The Path of Islam meme on the left of the picture below has been removed twice in the last few days for "nudity" despite having no nudity at all. Perhaps the naked truth about Islam is offensive?

UPDATE: A day after writing this blog post I was hit with a 7 day ban from Facebook over the Path of Islam meme which they said was in violation of Facebook's community standards. They also unpublished my God or Absurdity Facebook page, but it seems that was only temporary. 

FURTHER UPDATE (Aug 7 2016): Since writing this blog post our first two original God or Absurdity Facebook pages were totally shut down and deleted. Our current main page is God or Absurdity Revolutions
The Imagine No Islam meme on the right side of the picture below was also removed by Facebook for "nudity" a few months ago, again even though there is no nudity in it.

So I'm putting the memes here on my blog where Facebook can't censor them.

Below are the original memes (feel free to copy and share them):

Obviously Facebook can't handle the truth and are trying hard to be sharia compliant when it comes to not offending Muslims. This is not the first time this thing has happened to me. I had a 24 hour ban from Facebook a few weeks ago for posting a meme that equated Islam with ISIS:

(For more information about that see my blog post I was Banned by Facebook for an Absurd Offense).

I've also had a 3 day ban recently for posting an anti abortion meme. (See Facebook Fascism: 3 Day Ban for Speaking Truth About Abortion).

Why should the truth be suppressed? People need to know now more than ever that Islam is a violent ideology. If we can't even discuss this issue openly because we're afraid of Muslims then how can we ever overcome Islam and the terrorism that flows from the heart of the Quran and Sunnah? Come on Facebook! Stop censoring me and stop censoring the truth about Islam.

We are seeing the results of what happens when nations reject the biblical God - it creates a vacuum that enables Islam to take over. The ultimate solution is the gospel of Jesus Christ that can change peoples hearts and also give people the moral backbone to stand up for the truth no matter what the cost. Western civilization has its foundation in biblical values but we are seeing the foundations eroded. This meme sums it up well:

What are some things you can do?
  • Share this blog post
  • Share the meme that got me banned (if you dare!)
  • Like our backup page "God or Absurdity Online"
  • Support this ministry through prayer and or financially (donate here:
  • Read the Quran so that you're better equipped to know the truth about Islam

P.S. Another thing that makes all of this even more absurd is that Facebook tend to be far more relaxed when it comes to allowing posts that are anti Christian. I reported a post yesterday that was mocking the crucifixion and Facebook said that didn't violate the community standards, and the day before that I reported a comment that was essentially telling me to go and kill myself because I must be a moron if I actually believe the Bible is true. Another person told me they recently reported a picture with full nudity and Facebook said it was ok. And then you've got Facebook pages like "Virgin Mary Should've Aborted" and "Death to America and Israel" that are just fine too. It's insane and seems to be getting worse.

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  1. I love your Facebook account man but now I can't like or comment on your posts! What's up with that? -Lucas Estrada

    1. Thanks Lucas. Can you see it and post now? The page was unpublished by Facebook earlier because of the Path of Islam meme. You should be able to post ok now.

    2. Agree % I got a seven day ban for just saying the last thing Japan needs is an influx of Muslim parasites

  2. Welcome to Farcebook. It is getting ugly for patriots. Lots of people got bans this last week , including me. I figure if you haven't been? You're not doing your job.

  3. I imagine Zuckerberg a Jewish atheist must not be too concerned about the power of Islam.

  4. You mean imagine the world without terrorist what you are doing you are putting gas into fire you shoulsd shut up if you don't know this religion don't talk about Islam. Islam comes from slam which means peace those people are terrorists not Muslims

    1. I know enough about the religion of Islam to know that it's not a religion of peace. Salam and Islam are two totally different words in Arabic. Have you read all of the Quran and any of the biography of Muhammad? Muhammad was a terrorist.