Thursday, February 11, 2016

Is Satire Now a Violation of Facebook's Standards? 911 AHA Meme Censored

This meme was censored today by Facebook. I've got no idea why. Someone reported it and I was told by Facebook that it was "abusive".

I was asked if I want to remove it, but for some reason it's already been removed.

So this is "abusive", but abortion isn't? And a person telling me the other day that he wishes I was dead is not abusive?

The meme is satirical. It's pointing out the absurdity of the Pro Life movement's focus on trying to regulate the abortion industry and make it safer for women to murder their babies. #PAETTPLM stands for Put An End To The Pro Life Movement. The meme is an AHA meme, which stands for Abolish Human Abortion (not regulate it).

I have a feeling that it could have been atheists that reported the post. It wouldn't surprise me if it was someone who claims to believe in "freedom of speech" and whines about the fact that I occasionally report posts that I consider to be actual violations of Facebook's community standards (such as the death wish above, which Facebook said did not violate their standards.)

This kind of censorship of our page has been going on for months now, and I've lost count of the exact number of times we've had our page temporarily shut down or that I've been banned from Facebook for posting things like the meme above that I genuinely believe are within their guidelines.

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