Friday, April 15, 2016

Is Quoting the Quran Now Banned on Facebook?

About a month ago this picture was removed from the God or Absurdity Reloaded Facebook page.

All it is doing is quoting a verse from the Quran alongside a picture of ISIS to try and make the point that ISIS are following what the Quran says. Why would FB censor that if it's so clear that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam? They could argue that the verse incites violence, but it's not the verse that's the problem - it's the ideology that actually believes the verse and decides to take it seriously - which is what ISIS and fundamentalist Islam try to do. If we can't even discuss this in the public sphere then how can we get the message out when the media is censoring this message out of fear of being thought racist or fear of inflaming the situation. As big as the problem of terrorism is, the problem of being too PC is in some ways just as great because it refuses to call the enemy what it is - Islamic terrorism being committed by those who are being faithful to what the Quran teaches and what Muhammad actually did. 

Here's another meme that I made that surprisingly hasn't been censored (yet) that is relevant:

And in case anyone is wondering how we can know whether Islam is true or not:

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  1. According to Quran Bible is true , but not the edited one which we now see !

  2. The Bible hasn't been changed. The Quran says that it can't be (not that I believe the Quran). And we have thousands of manuscripts from hundreds of years BEFORE the Quran was written - and they are the SAME as the Bible we have today - so the Bible that we have today wasn't changed at the time the Quran was written. Most Muslims have been brainwashed though to think what you've just said - but they have no evidence to back up that arbitrary assertion.