Friday, May 27, 2016

Facebook Banned This Abortion Meme But Death Threats Against Christians OK

This meme was just banned from our page:

It was just starting to get lots of shares too:

We can't have a conservative Christian page becoming popular on Facebook and people being challenged to see abortion as evil now can we?

I guess though that the media aren't really interested in reporting on this kind of censorship, unless it involves a beautiful girl with a cute pet hedgehog, and then they might consider reporting on it as did the Daily Mail:

What happened to her though is minor compared to what has been happening to us. (Two of our pages were totally shut down and deleted by Facebook for speaking against Islam, Abortion, and Atheism). Maybe I need to get a model and pet hedgehog to help us out with the page in order to get more people to take notice?

Meanwhile Facebook continues to show their bias and allows non-Christians to spew out their hatred of God and all things Christians, as with this person who is making death threats against Christians and posted a satanic cross:

We reported this post, and Facebook responded that it does NOT violate their community "standards":

As I've mentioned before, I encourage you to sign up by email to this blog and follow us on Twitter to keep you in the loop, as it's likely just a matter of time before Facebook shut us down again.

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  1. Sorry you had to censor that debate you lost. I guess defending the morality of Biblical slavery was a bridge too far even for you, huh?

    Maybe Facebook will uncensored your post once you uncensor my winning (and civil) argument.

    1. Any screenshots or links to the debate? GoA is a classic cry baby troll who hypocriticaly bans anyone with an opposing view from his lousy page. I find it hilarious how he thinks he's being targeted by Facebook. His page is just a small insignificant page that posts nothing original. It's not Facebook who is targeting him it's a whole gang of us who love to watch him cry,whine and even turn on his own followers in paranoia ("I noticed you haven't liked my post, maybe you are apart of the problem?.) LOL what a sad life Brendan who has never biblically known a lady lives.

  2. I made the abortion Nazi meme.