Saturday, May 14, 2016

Our Page Was Shut Down For "Hate Speech"

I found out the other day that the official reason that our 'God or Absurdity Reloaded' page was shut down was for hate speech.

I was given this comment from someone that admitted that they helped get our page shut down:

Here's a clearer shot of the report:

It would have been nice if Facebook had actually told us this information, instead of just the people that reported us.

This person hasn't said exactly what we've said that was hate speech. Perhaps it was our cover pic that was hate speech?

Or perhaps it was this kind of thing that was hate speech?

Oh no, wait. That's not hate speech according to Facebook as they've said that page doesn't violate their community standards.

Perhaps this was hate speech?

No, that's not hate speech either, as after reporting that to Facebook they said it didn't violate their community standards.

So I guess according to FB it's ok to call for assassinating people you don't like, and to call for burning down churches, but it's not ok to call abortion murder, or to call ISIS Islamic as we've been doing?

So what kind of person thinks that our page is hate speech? When I took a look at the profile of the person that thinks we deserve to be shut down, I found that it was made by a person who has a black cat and moon tattoo on their profile that is the kind of tattoo that would be popular with those involved in Wicca (witchcraft).

Also on their profile they had liked the militant atheist page 'Atheist Republic' and also liked many pro marijuana Facebook pages.

All of that says a lot really about the kind of person that reports us.

The reality is that the Jesus of the Bible said things that today Facebook would probably consider hate speech. It is right to hate that which is evil.

While we should not express unrighteous hatred towards individuals, it is right to hate evil. The Bible says that we are to "hate what is evil" (Romans 12:9). The context of that verse also includes loving that which is good and right. True love will hate evil because of the tremendous harm it does and the immense suffering it brings to people. It is right to hate evils such as crime, murder, abortion, Islamism, and atheistic darwinism.
All of those things cause great suffering to those who commit evil, and great suffering for those on the receiving end of their evil acts.

Facebook should be a place where we are free to speak against things that are wrong in society. Unfortunately Facebook have made it so that trolls and generally sick individuals can bully people and shout down ideas that they don't like because they are colluding with these pawns of darkness who can't handle the truth and gang up to get pages like ours shut down for speaking the truth.

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