Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Popular Presuppositional Apologist Exposed as Covert Krishna Devotee

Earlier today someone posted on the God or Absurdity Revolutions Facebook page agreeing with us that atheism was absurd. I noticed that this person - "Purusha Dasa" had a FB profile with lots of Hindu related pictures and his profile said that he worked for ISKCON (the 'International Society for Krishna Consciousness' - an offshoot of Hinduism a.k.a. Hare Krishnas).

So I replied to Purusha and said that Hinduism is more nonsensical than atheism:

For Purusha to reply as he did is odd because Hindu is not an ethnic designation. Most Hindus are ethnically Indian, not ethnically Hindu, so I think that he was just trying to obfuscate at this point. When he said what his YouTube channel is I was surprised because I've watched quite a lot of the videos on his channel. He has posted a lot of presuppositional apologetics videos (such as the PROOF OF GOD: Laws of Logic video above), including videos with Sye Ten Bruggencate and Jason Lisle. He has nearly a thousand subscribers on YouTube and some of his videos have had thousands of likes.

Here's my next comment along with Purusha's gracious response:

I asked the question 'Who is God?' because it was pretty clear from his FB profile and YouTube channel that he wasn't talking about the God of the Bible, but that he was talking about a false god that is whatever people want him to be. In Hindu belief the different religions are seen as different paths to God and the different names of God are seen as merely different manifestations (avatars) of the one God (who is an impersonal force (known as Brahma or Krishna?).

This is also articulated in these '1GodOnlyOne' videos:

Also when you look at the hundreds of videos that Purusha has liked with his channel, you find that around half of them are Hare Krishna videos (and the other half Christian apologetics videos):

So it's no wonder that Purusha got angry with me when he saw that we'd posted this meme on our page:

His response to this was:

Come on Purusha - I'm not feeling the love from you - just hatred and bigotry, which is rather hypocritical isn't it?

It's also ironic that you've blocked me, while on your YouTube channel on all of your "Presuppositional Apologetics" videos it says that your channel is "Youtube's foremost stronghold of free speech":

It's your choice if you want to block me on Facebook. It will be interesting to see if you block me on your YouTube channel.

The reality is that while Purusha may think he is using Presuppositional Apologetics, he is not, and he has no basis for anything that he is claiming. Take for example his video about the laws of logic - you can't justify or account for the laws of logic without the biblical God because the biblical God alone has clearly revealed Himself to us through His Word and provides a basis for logic based on his character which is logical and never contradictory. This is why most Hindus reject the idea of logical absolutes and instead see logic as being illusory - which is what happens if you believe that everything is Maya (illusion) and that all is one because ultimately they see god as an impersonal force where any distinctions between you and me and between gods or the universe itself is merely illusory too. The fact is that you can't get laws of logic from an impersonal force - you can only get universal and unchanging logical laws from a logical mind that is also universal, and unchanging.

If you do not accept the Bible as being true or just try and pick and choose the bits of it that you like (as Hare Krishnas do) then it all falls apart, because if you do not accept all of God's Word as true when the Bible says that all of it is true (2 Timothy 3:16) then you don't really believe it and have made yourself and your own reasoning your ultimate authority. And if you are your ultimate authority then you have no way of knowing that your reasoning is valid because you end up reasoning that your reasoning is valid, which is viciously circular and would make it impossible to truly know anything (which makes it ironic that Purusha has called me ignorant, because in His worldview he is the ignorant one in terms of Him being unable to justify how he knows anything to any degree of certainty).

This is why true Presuppositional Apologetics starts with God. God is not the conclusion of our argument (as Purusha's is) but the necessary starting point. (And not just any god, as it is the biblical God alone that exists and has shown himself to us through the Bible - a book that is unique in its claims and message and totally unlike any other book - books like the Bhagavad Gita don't even claim to be the infallible Word of God, let alone describe a God that is personal and revealed Himself in history by coming down to earth to sacrifice Himself for the sins of the world as Jesus Christ did.

Another problem with the Hindu worldview is if there are many different manifestations (avatars) of God that have revealed themselves as different gods how would you know which god is really speaking truth, especially when they all contradict each other?

The answer to that is that you could never know, and what Krishnas believe are different manifestations of God are really idols, behind which are demonic forces that are working hard to keep people in deception.

As the Lord says in His Word, "For all the gods of the nations are idols, but the LORD made the heavens."

What it comes down to is that biblical Christians and true presuppositional apologists have the Bible as their ultimate authority, but those who follow Krishna either have themselves as their ultimate authority (in which case they can't know anything for certain because they are validating their own reasoning with their own reasoning and so wouldn't know if they were insane or not), or they have the Bhagavad Gita as their ultimate authority.

When you compare the Bible with the Bhagavad Gita (the holy book that Hare Krishnas follow) they are totally different. The Bible has many fulfilled prophecies and lines up with what we see in the world around us. (For example the Bible says that the earth hangs on nothing and is spherical (there is no separate word differentiating circle and sphere in biblical Hebrew). The Bible explains the history of our world from the beginning of creation to today (including a global flood, for which there is much evidence), and is rooted in actual historical events that can be verified such as the history of the Israelites and the existence and crucifixion of Jesus. In contrast the Bhagavad Gita does not account for the creation of the universe and is not rooted in verifiable historical events. It doesn't even claim to be the infallible word of God and is more along the lines of sayings or poems of those who claim to be wise, but in reality are fools. (Romans 1:22)

When it comes to other Hindu scriptures there are things in it that are patently false, such as this:

Some might think that all of this is just semantics, but it's not. Ideas have consequences, and when it comes to false religions such as Islam and Hindu philosophies they have created immense suffering in the world. With Islam there have been around 270 million people killed by Muslims practicing violent jihad over the last 1,400 years since Muhammad started his evil and demonic death cult. And with Hindu philosophies it has lead to the impoverishment of India because there is no ultimate reason to not oppress the poor or commit crimes if you can get away with it and believe that objective morality is just an illusion.

I'm not making this blog post to be vindictive but to expose this false teacher, and also to refute the false ideas that Purusha is teaching on his YouTube channel. It is my hope and prayer that Purusha will repent and turn to Jesus Christ, who alone is God, and who alone is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and apart from whom no one can come to the Father (John 14:6).

POST EDIT: This is a response from a Krishna follower to the above verse about the sun being closer to the earth than the moon. This person said that the Vedas (Hindu scriptures) were their ultimate authority. They believe that the Vedas and the Bhagavad Gita are infallible and inspired by God.

He said: "when we say the sun is closer to the earth than the moon it means this: A is earth. B is sun. C is moon. The sun is described as closer because it is situation in a plane closer to the earth."

This is just nonsense, especially given the fact that the sun (point B) is 400 times further away than the moon (point C). But that's the kind of absurd and intellectually dishonest nonsense it takes to avoid the true God that everyone knows exists but are in rebellion against. I hope and pray that he repents and turns to Jesus Christ.

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  1. Hi!

    Hinduism is thousands of different spiritual philosophies that all have their basis in the Vedas, or the Vedic scriptures.

    The term "hindu", however, is not mentioned in these scriptures. The term was coined by muslims to designate people living on the other side of the Sindhu river. They pronounced S as H. So "hindu" is not a religion. It is a geographical term that has become a designation for people practicing Vedic religion in some shape or form. The actual word for Vedic religion is Sanatana Dharma, "The Eternal, Natural Religious Way."

    The Vedas are in the ultimate sense monotheistic. There is only one supreme personal Godhead. The impersonal aspect is His subordinate energy. This is mentioned in the Bhagavad-gita among many other scriptures.


    "In Hindu belief the different religions are seen as different paths to God and the different names of God are seen as merely different manifestations (avatars) of the one God (who is an impersonal force (known as Brahma or Krishna?)."

    This is certainly false. Nowhere do the Vedas state that all paths lead to the same goal. On the contrary, such a foolish proposal is rejected all over the Vedas, for example in the Bhagavad-gita.

    The Vedas do state that God has many names. Unlimited. They describe His different qualities, characteristics and activities. For example, one of these names is "Ajit" which means unconquerable. These different names all designate God Himself - in His primary or secondary forms (avataras). The one God is, again, not impersonal, but personal. And His primary and most important name is Krishna which means "All-Attractive". God is so fantastic that He attracts everyone.

    When the Vedas says that the material world is illusion it is because it is temporary. Everything that does not exist in all three phases of time - past, present and future - is temporary and therefore called illusory. This is the Vedic definition of illusory existing things. It does not mean that the world as we perceive it is a mental concoction that does not exist outside of our own mind.

    I hope I have dispelled some of the misconceptions in your blogpost. Looking forward to a reply.

    All the best,
    Ajit Krishna Dasa

    1. All of that sounds like it's just your opinion. If you're going to say that something I've written contradicts the vedas you're going to have to actually quote from the vedas themselves. Also the vedas are clearly nonsense as they contain things like I've posted about the sun being closer to the earth than the moon. Also if you could keep your comments brief that would be appreciated. If you want to make a long post then you can do that by starting your own blog.

  2. Do you have a source for your 270 million figure, Brendan? Preferably a reliable, objective one, as opposed to a raving fanatic desperate to see the battle of Armageddon in his lifetime.


    2. I've added the link to the blog post too.

  3. This guy is stupid u make me read ur stupid nonsense things..if u wanna be religious or u wanna be proud for urself that ur not same like others..keep it..well on the bottom line..nobody knows what wll happen next.

    Only a fool dont believed in god..whatever others believe it would be false god or real god for what u think..

    If its wrong advise them..dont scatter ur stupid ways..