Wednesday, February 1, 2017

They All Go to Heaven Anyways Meme

I recently had a Christian use this argument against me, so thought it would be good to share this meme. Hopefully you can see that this is a terrible and sick argument being used to try and justify ignoring injustice. While it is most likely true that murdered babies go to heaven, this does not give us an excuse to be apathetic about trying to do something about it. It's like ignoring and doing nothing about someone murdering a 1 year old baby right in front of you because you don't really care about the baby and then saying it doesn't really matter because the baby will go to heaven anyway.
I'm self-censoring it to try and avoid getting banned on Facebook again. (We've had dozens of bans and three pages shut down in the past.)

Here's the uncensored meme:

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