Sunday, February 4, 2018

God or Absurdity Facebook Page Still Getting Censored

The God or Absurdity facebook page that I run is still getting censored. God or Absurdity Online is my main page now and today another post was removed by Facebook. That takes the total up to 40 posts removed and censored. (Yes FORTY!)  It's absurd and unjust, and to add insult to injury the last two times they've not even told me exactly what was removed.

I've documented all of the posts that have been removed in this blog post here: God or Absurdity - the Most Censored Facebook Page Ever.

Several times now they have told me 'Your Page Has Been Unpublished' but when I've checked I've found that they page is still published and hasn't been shut down.

All of this is a far cry from over a year ago when the God or Absurdity page had a reach of over a million people.

Of course the mainstream media, and even Christian media have not been interested in this story, so to help counter this, please share this blog post to help get the word out.


  1. I'm so sorry you have experienced this. They have also censored my Short Little Rebel Christian conservative page on FB. I have never broken any of their rules of engagement- not even close. They are simply and plainly afraid of the truth. The more popular your page becomes, the more afraid of you they are. They began messing with my page as soon as it reached around 6,500 readers. They wouldn't allow it to get any higher than that even though it got new likes every day. Indeed, my like counter never changed for years after that. It literally remained pegged at that exact number for over four years, which really made me laugh. Especially since I was notified every day that I was getting new likes daily. I believe that FB encourages its programmers to target accounts they don't like and when/if they ever get caught, they claim plausible deniability by saying it was never corporately sponsored. They give the programmer or consultant 'extra training' and that's it. They re-instate the account and it all starts again. FB needs to come under government regulation as a communication company- just like any telephone company. It is probably one of the most important communication methods in the world. No company should be able to cut off the communication of parties they don't like like Zuckerberg does. It is so infuriating. I don't think you can do anything about it. People do care, but there isn't anything we can do about it. Just keep writing and advocating. Start a new page and keep going. It's all we can do. If you got a million people to listen once, you can get them to listen again. It's not magic. It will happen again. I had to start over. You can too. AFter awhile, it's too frustrating trying to keep the old account. I know it sucks giving up all that hard work, but think of it as God's way of telling you to begin something new! Susan

  2. p.s. You once posted a video on FB that I used in a blog on Word press. Because they took it off FB, it no longer works on my Wordpress article. I'd still like to use it. If you have it up and it is sharable in some way, could you point me toward it? It was a video that talked about what Mormons really believe. It was very good and right on the money.

    1. Hi Susan. Thanks so much for sharing and commenting. I wasn't aware of your website and facebook page until now, so I'll check it out. The video I posted I think was called Mormon Secrets: What the missionaries don't tell. It's on youtube, but I'll try and repost it on God or absurdity online. Which blog post did you mention it on your wordpress article?

    2. I've reuploaded it to God or Absurdity online. Here's the link