Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Top 10 God or Absurdity Memes

Below are the actual memes used in the video along with the approximate number of 'Likes' on Facebook. Altogether the memes have also had hundreds of 'Shares' which would push the actual total number of Likes way beyond that stated which is the Likes I've observed from my page and for the most popular ones also includes the approximate number of Likes they've had on the Facebook page 'Freedom From Atheism Foundation' (FFAF) which has shared some of my memes. The FFAF page is huge and currently has 468,000 Likes which makes it the largest anti Atheism Facebook page by far.

10. Obama vs Muhammad (70 likes)

For more on Islam see my blog post 13 Doctrines of Radical Islam.

9. The Hulk - Presuppositional Apologetics

8. Chimp murder (160 Likes)

The article that inspired this meme is BBC News - Murder 'comes naturally' to Chimpanzees.
I don't believe in evolution, but I'm showing the absurdity of the evolutionary worldview.

7. Evidence for God (200 Likes)

If you don't get this meme then take time to go through my website

6. Circular reasoning (200 Likes)

This is a key part of the Presuppositional argument. Without God unbelievers are stuck in this viciously circular dilemma. For more on circularity see my blog post Circular Reasoning?.

5. Words have no meaning. (900 Likes after Shared on FFAF)

This quote is from the Refining Reason Debate between Matt Dillahunty and Sye Ten Bruggencate.
And yes, he really did say this. You can check for yourself the full context in the debate @ 1:02:00 where Matt said, "Well, first of all the sounds don't have meaning. Words don't have meanings, they have usages." but adding that they only have usages doesn't get him out of the self-refuting hole he's created for himself by saying words don't have meanings. And then @ 1:20:18 a questioner from the audience says, "I'm going to use words even though apparently they have no meaning [audience laughs]" to which Matt says, "They don't". (For more on the Sye vs Matt debate see my blog post Sye / Matt Debate - Why Are Both Sides Claiming Victory?)

The philosophy behind this absurd belief is known as deconstructionism and it's become quite popular in academic circles these days and even has infected liberal theologians. It's an extension of a worldview that rejects the existence of God and absolute truth. (For more on this see Deconstructionism - is it a valid way to interpret the Bible? and The Deconstructionist Agenda Exposed.)

4. Animal killing vs baby killing (2,500 Likes - Shared on FFAF)

You can watch the full Babies are Murdered Here film on YouTube.

3. Dawkins vs Ravi (3,000 Likes - Shared on FFAF)

Ravi Zacharias is an inspirational Christian speaker who was born and grew up in India. This meme was inspired by a YouTube video I watched by James White called 'The insulting Richard Dawkins'.

2. Insanity Meme (3,000 Likes - Shared on FFAF)

It's hard to beat Jack Nickolson for an insane looking person. This meme uses a presuppositional transcendental argument. Without God there is no way to know or justify that you aren't insane. You also can't show that we all aren't insane, as without God there is no objective standard to measure against. As CS Lewis said - you can't know what crooked is if you don't know what straight is.

1. The Religion of Atheism (3,000 Likes - Shared on FFAF)

This meme caused a huge stir on Facebook when I first made it and posted it and it has been viewed by over 110,000 people according to my Facebook page stats. That's from my God or Absurdity page alone. Given that quite a few atheist pages and groups shared this meme, as well as the FFAF page, it's quite possible that this meme has been seen by half a million people already. (Remembering that FFAF has almost half a million followers and that even if only a small percentage shared the meme it exponentially increases the number of viewers). 

Atheists were going nuts over this meme and we had a huge wave of hundreds of trolls invade our page mocking God and swearing and complaining about the meme being wrong - but when challenged as to exactly how it's wrong no one could really make their case. Here's one response shared on an atheist group. (It had the whole meme but I've cut the bottom off in the screenshot).

The meme was inspired by a blog post I read by Ken Ham about how atheism and evolution are really religious ideologies. Christians loved it and professed atheists hated it. Atheists are loathe to admit that their worldview is a religion, despite it ticking nearly all of the boxes for a religion. They want the creation vs evolution debate to be framed as religion vs science, but in reality it's one religion against another - the Christian creationist worldview vs the secular humanist evolutionary worldview. This has huge implications for issues like religion in school and what is taught and how it's taught. At the moment public schools around the world usually present evolution and millions of years dogma as if they are scientific facts, and they will not allow Intelligent Design or Creation to be taught because that is seen as being religious and unscientific, which really isn't the case at all.

Thanks for reading. Please share my memes and the video I made here and help get the truth out to a dark world that needs to know the truth. While these memes don't share the gospel themselves they do "sow seeds" in peoples hearts that get them thinking about Christianity and they create conversations where we are then able to share the gospel with people. As Christians we are called to be salt and light in the world, and Memes and social media are a great way to be an influence for God. Internet Evangelism is a powerful tool and amazing opportunity to reach people.

UPDATE (12 October 2015):  Since I made this blog there have been several memes that would put them into the top 10 list.

Number 5 in updated list: Skeleton Waiting Meme: (1800 likes. Shared on FFAF)

Number 6 in updated list: An angel from heaven (250 likes)

Number 7 in updated list: I don't believe in God (200 likes):

Number 8 in updated list: As man now is (200 likes)



  1. I'm muslim, and i just want to correct your idiotic use of the quranic verse you used in the Obama meme..... do you even read history bro? Dont you know that this verse came during a time of ALL OUT WAR between the Idol worshippers and muslims at that time? What do you want the quran to say? Turn the other cheek XD? You think that is gonna win you a battle.


  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. I'm deleting this comment because it's anonymous.

  3. Prove that YOUR god is the only one.


  4. Hello I'd like to give the use if the correct context of this verse:
    Quran 8:59-60 – “And let not those who disbelieve suppose that they can outstrip (Allah’s Purpose). Lo! they cannot escape. Make ready for them all thou canst of (armed) force and of horses tethered, that thereby ye may dismay the enemy of Allah and your enemy.”
    The above passage, is a historical verse which gave Muslims permission to fight the enemy, which was hostile to the Muslim community. Their goal was to exterminate, kill all Muslims. All one needs to do is read the verse that proceeds. The next verse (Quran 8:61), Allah orders Muslims that if the enemy were to ‘incline to peace’, then Muslims have incline to peace as-well. But, if the enemy does not want peace, then Allah gives Muslims to engage the enemy until there is no more persecution against Muslims. Let’s Read 8:61,

    8:61 And if they incline to peace, then incline to it [also] and rely upon Allah. Indeed, it is He who is the Hearing, the Knowing.

    1. Hi Chemsou Bouaziz. Thanks for your response even though you deceptively copied and pasted all of "your response" from the internet without indicating that you'd done that. What is said here is not correct. Muhammad and his followers regularly engaged in warfare against innocent people who had no intention of attacking, and this is condoned in the Quran and hadith.

      From 'the religion of peace' website:

      The Truth:

      It isn't the verses of violence that are rare; it's the ones of peace and tolerance. The latter were also narrated at an earlier time in Muhammad's life and superseded by what came later. Neither is the "historical context" of these verses of violence all that obvious from the surrounding text in many cases.

      The last chapters of the Quran to be narrated by Muhammad are the more violent. Worse, the historical context is that Muslims had total power at the time and were not being persecuted or attacked. In fact, the verses order believers to "be harsh" to both the unbelievers and Muslims who are peaceful or non-practicing (verse 9:73) and to fight Christians and Jews into a state of submission (verse 9:29). All this is based on nothing other than their status as non-Muslims.

      These are not the teachings of a religion of peace. Thus, the apologists are forced to play games, such as inventing historical context, pulling "textual context" from an entirely different part of the Quran, or pretending that the true meaning can't be translated to non-Arabic speakers (or to non-Muslims, when native Arabic speakers agree with the translation, as they usually do).