Saturday, March 14, 2015

William Lane Craig Says He's Not Certain God Exists

Yes, William Lane Craig (WLC) really did say that, and it hasn't been taken out of context. Here's the YouTube video debate clip where he says it: William Lane Craig says he's not Certain God Exists.
(And here is the full video of the debate.)

When I first heard this I was somewhat shocked that WLC would say this, but I wasn't totally surprised because it is consistent with his flawed apologetic method that argues for the strong probability of the existence of God rather than the certainty of the biblical God.

WLC is not only arguing for the mere probability of God's existence, he is arguing for a generic god rather than specifically for the God of the Bible or Christianity. In a number of debates WLC has explicitly stated that he is arguing for a generic theism:
"We're not arguing for Christianity tonight... We are arguing for a generic monotheism that is affirmed by Jews, Christians, Muslims, Deists, and Theists of many sorts."
(WL Craig, PS Williams vs A Copson, A Ahmed - Cambridge Union Society God Debate, Oct 2011 - YouTube @ 46:30 ~ )
But a generic god does not exist. Psalm 96:5 "For all the gods of the nations are idols, but the LORD made the heavens."

Nowhere in the Bible do you find apologists that look like WLC. None of the apostles ever argued for the probability of God's existence or for a generic god - they argued for the certainty of the biblical God and the fact of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. They didn't suggest to people that God is probably real, but proclaimed that God is real, that Jesus Christ was resurrected, and everyone must repent and put their faith in Christ. They didn't suggest to people that God might be real or that they weren't certain if God existed or not. They proclaimed the certainty of God and Christ. (For more on the certainty of Christianity and why Presuppositional Apologetics is the biblical methodology see my blog post on The Biblical Basis for Presuppositional Apologetics.)

I'm not saying that WLC is a heretic or that he isn't a Christian or anything like that. I accept that WLC has done a lot of good work defending the faith and encouraging people to take apologetics seriously. But what I am saying is that his methodology and foundation is not rooted and grounded in the Bible. I believe part of the reason for this is that he has been strongly influenced by liberalism. This can be seen in his rejection of a literal Genesis and his acceptance of secular scientific ideas of the Big Bang and billions of years. He's even gone as far as to call Young Earth Creationists an embarrassment. (For more on that see this article William Lane Craig vs creation - and this video William Lane Craig: Young Earth Creationism is Embarrassing.)

Many people put WLC on a pedestal but it's important that with any Christian we look up to that we check what they are saying and compare it to the Word of God. No Christian should be above challenge, and no Christian is ever perfect in their doctrine. I'm not attacking WLC but offering what I believe is a biblical critique on his ministry. Right doctrine is important, and we are not to put peace and harmony above truth.

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  1. Thank you for this good read. The good Lord sent me warning about WLC and it was revealed to me.