Friday, April 15, 2016

Christian Middle Earth Memes FB Page Forced to Remove "Abusive" Meme

This meme was posted recently on the Facebook page Christian Middle Earth Memes, but as a result of what was most likely upset C.S. Lewis fans reporting the meme, it was censored by Facebook and got the whole page temporarily shut down.

According to Christian Middle Earth Memes (CMEM) this is what happened:
"Well... Facebook informed us that we had to remove our "abusive" meme or our page would remain "unpublished". So, to bow to the wishes of our liberal hosts, we have done so."
Another comment from CMEM sarcastically said: "If you can't win the theological debate with reason, facts, or scripture, report them to the FB police and they will enact their liberal anti-christian policy."

The meme has CS Lewis on the left, and J.R.R. Tolkein on the right. While the meme is debatable, it's hard to believe that Facebook have been so heavy handed over it, and also hard to believe that what must have been a considerable number of Christians have reported it.

It would appear that C.S Lewis was a theistic evolutionist in his younger years as a Christian, but in later years he came to question and oppose evolution as being false. (See C.S. Lewis and Evolution -

I'm still trying to find where C.S. Lewis said that all roads lead to heaven, but if he did say this is wouldn't surprise me as while he was a great philosopher and theologian he also at times was quite liberal in his theology.

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  1. I LOVE Christian Middle Earth Memes! Their theology is legit and the memes are DANK! Very conservative admins, not your typical pansy liberal millennial christians.