Tuesday, April 26, 2016

God or Absurdity Reloaded Unpublished For Offending Atheist Trolls

God or Absurdity Reloaded has been unpublished. The whole page is down, and it looks like it will be permanent if what happened to our previous page is anything to go by.

I've appealed the decision, but I don't like our chances, so from now on we'll be using our other Facebook page God or Absurdity Revolutions. (Also make sure to sign up to this blog by email if you don't want to miss anything or get left behind if our new page gets shut down too.)

The God or Absurdity Reloaded page was unpublished earlier today for this post:

Exactly how this post doesn't follow the "Facebook Community Standards" is unclear, and we weren't told. Did Nietzsche and Darwin's philosophies help pave the way for a rise in atheism and to Hitler and Nazism? I believe the answer to that is a definite yes. (See for example here and here). Are all atheists like Hitler? No - of course not. But atheism can contribute to a person doing evil things - if you think that there is no God to be accountable then why not?

While some people might find the meme offensive - so what? If we can't talk about things that people may find offensive merely because people find them offensive then this can lead to oppression and tyranny.

This is a screenshot that I took yesterday on the Atheist Republic page and posted on our page of a comment by a professed atheist, and the response I made which is a quote from George Orwell that was posted on the Atheist Republic page earlier that day:

This shows the mentality of what we're up against, and I believe that there have been many professed atheists like Kevin that have been trolling our page because they're offended - offended ultimately not by what we're saying but by the fact that we are confronting them with the truth that exposes the lies they're believing.

We've regularly posted things on our page that speak against atheism, evolution, and millions of years, and we expose why they are false using an approach called presuppositional apologetics. Presuppositional apologetics is not evidential apologetics. It doesn't merely present the evidence for the probability of God's existence. Presup presents the certainty of God's existence and the certainty of the truth of the Bible.

So flowing from that we present the certainty of the fact that abortion is murder, and the certainty of the fact that Islam is false. Also when it comes to Islam we expose the fact that ISIS and Islamic terrorism are pure Islam. 

So I can understand people getting upset, but what is difficult to believe is that Facebook admins are listening to people that report us and kowtowing to them, but when Christians report things that clearly violate the page guidelines we're usually told that they don't violate the page guidelines.

As an example of that, take the picture that was posted on Atheist Republic's page the other day that had a man eating a baby like it was fried chicken. While I assume it was photoshopped it really looked like a real baby. (See my blog post on that here).

Another example of the Facebook hypocrisy here is that pages that advocate burning down churches are said to not violate their community standards. (See for example Burn the Church).

Facebook says this page does NOT violate their community standards.
In the About section of this page it says "Do not let the church continue flushing brains"

For those who aren't aware our original page was unjustly shut down several months ago. At that point we had a reach of 1.7 million and over 11,000 likes.

With the recent shut down of our second page it only had 1,376 Likes, but it was starting to grow rapidly and had picked up to a reach of 130,000 people.

Some of the atheist trolls argue that we deserve to be shut down because we ban people from our pages, but that is totally different. When people get banned from our page they can go elsewhere and voice their opinions. They can even start their own page if they want (as many have done - there are now many pages that are spin offs from our page that mock us such as Zod or Absurdity, and God is Absurdity.) Also Facebook admins get paid to do their job of working as admins - but we do this ministry as volunteers, and while a few generous people have given donations to this ministry at the moment it barely covers costs and doesn't even begin to reimburse us for the time we put in to it.

The bottom line is - we will press on. We aren't going to abandon Facebook. We will keep trying to be a voice for truth as long as we can on Facebook because that is where the most people are. And ultimately I believe that all of this will backfire on those reporting us and taking us down, because the truth will not remain hidden.

What do you think about all of this? Comment below (I'll turn off comment moderation for now and see how it goes).

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  1. It's not necessarily the opinions you hold that are problematic, it is the way you express them. All people are valuable, because they are God created beings.If you don't treat them as such, then you are not upholding the things that God loves. I don'r know much about you or your site, but if your working for God then I think you need to raise your sights a little higher. Meaning that you might want to consider not bashing, degrading, or judging people (yes, like I'm doing here,....people are so easy to read!). Both side of the issue have it wrong in part. I'm referring to religion and atheism.
    AS for how anyone can know anything for sure,...you can't, because everything comes to you through your senses, and your mind interprets the data. What you think you know, is only what your mind recognizes, interprets and believes. You don't even know what your mind is, or how to explain it's functioning,....but your so sure about so many things ,...aren't you?
    It's all perception, based on personal beliefs. Your's, mine, theirs. You're enthusiastic, but you need to lighten up big time.
    Now if you interpret this as criticism,...then that is what it is,...an interpretation only, not fact.

    1. That's all merely your opinion, and one that I reject. We have never "bashed" anyone. Jesus and the apostles probably had people telling them to lighten up too. It's not like people are lost and suffering immensely because of sin or anything, right? smh.
      Are you sure that we can't know anything for sure?

    2. Out of a few thousand gods I know the Abrahamic god from the Middle East isn't the real one and no one will ever know... Heaven and Hell are mythological places your religion stole from Zoroastrianism and nothing in the Catholic religion was original except for Satan.. good luck with that. If there happens to be a creator, it's not the Abrahamic god.

    3. There is only one God - the biblical God. All other gods are idols. As for your claims they've already been refuted in the past. See for example my blog on Horus Meme Refuted. http://godorabsurdity.blogspot.co.nz/2014/04/atheist-lies-horus-meme-refuted.html

  2. Well, if it's any consolation, I reported the Burn the Church page to FB too.

    As for your constant censorship and banning on FB, it clearly shows that you're hitting a nerve and that you're on the right track. Keep up the good work!