Saturday, September 9, 2017

Facebook Censors Question about Muslim Child Abuse

This post was removed today by Facebook as a supposed violation of their terms, so I've decided to blog about it, as well as adding it to the list of 37 other posts I've had censored by facebook.

As often happens I've been given another 30 day ban from facebook:

The censored comment was one that I made in a discussion under a post on a news story from the UK titled 'Christian child forced into Muslim foster care.' (see picture below).

I said 'That's good to hear.' after someone said that the child has since been removed from the Muslim family. You can see the original post on Facebook here. (Hopefully facebook won't censor the original post too).

In case you doubt it, the above news story is a true story - see here).

Here's the comment that I responded to and said 'That's good to hear' about:

So what's wrong with asking the question, "How many other children are there being abused in different ways by Muslims though?" And stating, "It would be in the millions if you include child brides and FGM etc" is factually correct (see below for more details on the facts).

I was not attacking all Muslims in what I said - I was stating the truth about a massive problem in Muslim cultures that needs to be discussed, not covered up and ignored. Evil flourishes when it is kept hidden in darkness, so it is hateful and wrong of facebook to censor people for speaking the truth about Islam. Unfortunately most people these days are trying to be 'nice' rather than stand against evil, and they would rather bow down to sharia law than actually speak up for the terrible plight of millions of young girls being oppressed by Islamic culture.

According to the organization 'Girls Not Brides' there are currently 15 million child brides per year.
When you look at where this is happening it is clear that about half of the countries listed as having the most child brides are Muslim or predominantly Muslim countries. Child brides are a big problem in Muslim cultures because Muhammad did it and taught that it was ok. (According to Islamic scripture he married Aisha when he was in his 50s and she was 6.)
For more on this see the WikiIslam article Contemporary Pedophilic Islamic Marriages.
Keep in mind too that the Quran condones wife beating...

Then you've got FGM (Female Genital Mutilation), which again is primarily an Islamic problem because Islamic scripture encourages the practice.

The chart below shows that FGM is most common in Muslim countries or countries that are predominantly Muslim

The Wikipedia article on FGM states that 200 Million women in the world today have undergone FGM, and it is usually done on young girls. It is a very painful procedure and often causes serious short and long-term health complications.

So in summary, it is a fact that millions of girls are being abused by Muslims around the world especially if you include child brides and FGM. That facebook would censor me for saying this is insane. Where will it end? And at what point will people wake up to what's going on and do something about it? Will it not be until people have their own children taken by Muslims that they actually start to do anything to oppose Islam?

In saying all of this, of course I'm aware that most Muslims are relatively nice people, but the absurd reality is that this is mainly only because they are ignorant of what Islam actually teaches.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

They All Go to Heaven Anyways Meme

I recently had a Christian use this argument against me, so thought it would be good to share this meme. Hopefully you can see that this is a terrible and sick argument being used to try and justify ignoring injustice. While it is most likely true that murdered babies go to heaven, this does not give us an excuse to be apathetic about trying to do something about it. It's like ignoring and doing nothing about someone murdering a 1 year old baby right in front of you because you don't really care about the baby and then saying it doesn't really matter because the baby will go to heaven anyway.
I'm self-censoring it to try and avoid getting banned on Facebook again. (We've had dozens of bans and three pages shut down in the past.)

Here's the uncensored meme:

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Monday, December 19, 2016

God or Absurdity Revolutions Unpublished

Today (Monday 19th of December) God or Absurdity Revolutions was unpublished by Facebook. This is the 3rd page we've had unpublished by Facebook. (The first page to be shut down was God or Absurdity, and the second page shut down was God or Absurdity Reloaded.)

I've appealed the decision, but based on past experience the appeal is almost certainly going to be ignored by Facebook. So from this point on we're on to what was our backup page - God or Absurdity Online. (I'm currently locked out from the page until my 3 day ban expires on one of my accounts).

The cover pic for the now unpublished page

After well over a month of not having any problems with facebook censorship I had two posts removed within the space of about an hour. With that being the case it seems highly likely to me that atheist trolls have a secret group that they use to organize reporting raids on us.

The first thing to be removed today was this:

And the second thing to be removed shortly after that was this post:

So now altogether we've had 34 posts censored and removed by Facebook. For the documented blog accounting for every single one of those 34 posts see
Is God or Absurdity the Most Censored Page Ever? (34 Banned Posts). Most of the banned posts are either exposing the evil of abortion or the evil of Islam.

All of this censorship is just going to backfire in the long term on those who keep taking us down. I've been in touch with Christian reporters and there is one reporter who has expressed interest in this story.

Professed atheists in particular hate our page because of the presuppositional apologetics we use and how we expose the absurdity as well as the evil consequences of denying God. There are few other pages on Facebook that do what we do in the way that we do it, and I'm pretty sure that God or Absurdity is the most censored ministry on Facebook.

If you'd like to support this ministry financially I'd love to hear from you. (See

To see the God or Absurdity website see .

What do you think? Comment Below (Note: Anonymous or abusive posts will not be published).

Sunday, September 11, 2016

God or Absurdity - the Most Censored Facebook Page Ever (38 Banned Posts)

Given the number of times I've been banned from Facebook and had memes and posts censored on Facebook, I'm pretty sure that my Facebook page is the most censored page ever. So far we've had 2 pages unpublished by Facebook (God or Absurdity was the first to be totally shut down and removed, and then God or Absurdity Reloaded was also shut down and unpublished), so now we're on to our third page (God or Absurdity Revolutions), which is also getting hit with censoring and bans.
(UPDATE 27 Dec 2016: God or Absurdity Revolutions has also been shut down now. We're on to our 4th and 5th pages - God or Absurdity Online, and God or Absurdity Resurrected).

If anyone knows of any page that has been censored or banned more than our page then let us know.
Altogether so far we've had 38 times where we've had posts banned, and these have often resulted in admins having their accounts banned - sometimes for up to 30 days.

This is what it looks like when you're in 'facebook jail' and you try and post anything:

So far I only know of one other page that is possibly more censored than ours (Exposing Islam), but it's debatable as to whether they've been censored more than us or not. So here is a list of every meme and post that has been censored so far from our pages (in chronological order of when they got banned. Click images to enlarge, and click links for more details):

1. We Are All Muslim (Censored / Removed + 24 hour ban)

2. Abortion Nazi Meme. (Censored / Removed + 3 Day Ban)

3. Locking away comment. (Censored / Removed)

 4. Imagine No Islam. (Censored / Removed)

5. The Path of Islam (Censored / Removed + 7 Day Ban + Page Unpublished).

6. Whose Image Do You See. (Censored / Removed)

7. There Was A Reason Abortion Nazi Meme. (Censored / Removed)

8. 1 in 3 Abortion Meme (Censored / Removed)

9. Obama Hypocrisy AHA Meme (Censored / Removed)

10. This Is Sick Islam Migrants Comment (Censored / Removed + 30 Day Ban)

11. Westboro vs Abolitionist Meme (Censored / Removed + 24 hour Ban)


12.  911 Twin Towers Pro-Life Satire Meme (Censored / Removed)

13. Valentines Day Muslim Meme (Censored / Removed + 3 Day Ban + Page Unpublished)

14. Pro Choice Target Abortion Meme (Censored / Removed + 7 Day Ban)

15. Murder Abortion ISIS Meme (Removed / Censored)

16. Suicide Seek Help Comment (Censored / Removed)

17. Hindu Islam Genocide (Censored / Removed)

18. Abortion Nazi Comment (Censored / Removed + 24 Hour Ban)

19. Dear Atheists Hitler Meme (Censored / Removed + 30 Day Ban)

20. Hitler Abortion Monster Meme (Censored / Removed + 3 Day Ban)

21. Free Thought Meme (Censored / Removed + 7 Day Ban)

22. Quranic Quote ISIS (Censored / Removed)

23. Nietzshe + Darwin Nazi Meme (Censored / Removed + Page Unpublished)

24. God or Absurdity Cover (Censored / Removed)

25. Facebook Insanity (Censored / Removed + 3 Day Ban)

26. Abortion Nazi AHA Meme (Censored / Removed)

27. Islam is Peace Meme (Censored / Removed + 30 Day Ban)

UPDATE 25 Sep 2016 (The censoring goes on...):

28. Atheist Kool-Aid (Censored / Removed + 30 Day Ban)

UPDATE 1 Nov 2016 (The censoring goes on and on...):

29. Smarter than Atheists  (Censored / Removed + 30 Day Ban)

UPDATE 3 Nov 2016 (The censoring goes on and on and on...):

30. Hitler Romans 13 Fan Meme (Censored / Removed + 30 Day Ban)

UPDATE 15 Nov 2016 (The censoring goes on and on and on...):

31. Holocaust Denier Meme (Censored / Removed)

UPDATE 10 Nov 2016 (The censoring goes on and on and on...):
32. Westboro vs Abolitionists Truth in Love Meme (Censored / Removed + 24 Hour Ban):

UPDATE 19 Dec 2016 (The censoring goes on and on and on...):

33. Planned Parenthood Ghost of Evil Past Cartoon (Censored / Removed + 30 Day Ban)

UPDATE 19 Dec 2016 (2nd time in one day):

34. Holocaust Deniers (Censored / Removed + 24 Hour Ban + God or Absurdity Revolutions Page Shut Down)

So as of today (19 Dec 2016) Facebook have shut down my 3rd page (God or Absurdity Revolutions). I've appealed but based on past experience they just ignore the appeal.

So it's on to the backup Facebook page - God or Absurdity Online.

UPDATE 26 Dec 2016:
35. How Wrong Becomes Right (Censored / Removed + 7 Day Ban)

UPDATE 24 May 2017
36. Ariana Grande Love Wins (Censored / Removed + 30 Day Ban)

UPDATE 9 Sep 2017
37. Child Brides and FGM (Censored / Removed + 30 Day Ban)

UPDATE 7 Jan 2018
38. Boycott Israel Insanity (Censored / Removed + 30 Day Ban)

Along with my comment I'd posted this meme that was also censored:

For the second time Facebook said that the 'God or Absurdity Online' page had been unpublished, but for some reason it hasn't happened / hasn't worked and the page is still up and running.

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