Wednesday, February 17, 2016

God or Absurdity Facebook Page Unpublished For Criticizing Islam

The God or Absurdity Facebook page has been unpublished for posting things critical of Islam. I've also been banned again from Facebook (3 day ban and 24 hour ban on my two main backup accounts). This means that we've essentially lost our more than 11,000 Likes and what was a peak reach of over 1.7 million people a few weeks ago, and we're starting again with just a bit over 500 Likes on the new page and a reach of only a few thousand people.

I've put an appeal in, so there is a chance they will reverse their decision as I don't believe we have violated any of their community guidelines, unless they've got a secret one called "You shall not criticize or even discuss Islam". Anyway, why should people be welcoming and respectful of things like wife beating?

Below is the meme that was removed from our page for violating Facebook's community "standards"
(Shared via the Pegida Promotional Page: Patriot Voice, which mysteriously still has the same post up on their page):

How is it that the meme is still up on the original page that shared it? It really seems like some admins just don't like our page and want us shut down. Perhaps it wasn't reported by anyone on the Pegida page.

But with our page I know that we've got a lot of haters because we consistently speak the truth and expose evil, and that really bothers those who are living a lie. As an example of this, I had one black racist supporter of the Black Panthers who was crowing that he got a notification from Facebook basically thanking him for reporting the God or Absurdity page and helping get it shut down.

And to state what should be obvious, the censored meme is not condoning wife beating for Muslims. It's merely stating an un-PC fact about Islam - that wife beating is condoned by the Quran:

It is also sanctioned by many other Islamic hadith. (See Islam: Can a Man Beat His Wife? - The Religion of Peace)

All of this is made more absurd by the fact that there are numerous militant atheist Facebook pages out there that regularly post mocking memes that misrepresent Christianity and that are far worse than what I have posted about Islam.

Wife beating is just one part of the barbaric nature of Islam that the secular media do not want people talking about. Islam continues to be in the news on a very regular basis but few people are willing to talk about why Islam is so violent. When you look at the actual teachings of the Quran and Hadith you find that Islam is not a religion of peace but that it is a religion of violence and oppression.

How can we deal with the problem of Islam if those who are speaking out against it are being increasingly censored and marginalized? It's not racist or bigoted to criticize Islam (and what race is Islam anyway?)

Most Muslims are good people from a human perspective, but most Muslims haven't read all of the Quran and even fewer have read the Hadith. I've read the Quran and studied the Hadith and I encourage others to do the same. Then compare actual Islamic teaching with the teaching of the Bible and the commands of Jesus Christ to love our neighbors and even to love our enemies.

What are some things that you can do
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Saturday, February 13, 2016

7 Posts Facebook Banned From Our Page (But Pedophilia and Death Threats are OK?)

Below are 7 posts / memes that have been censored from our God or Absurdity Facebook page over the last few months and resulted in bans from Facebook.

(NOTE - none of them are particularly graphic, apart from some of the abortion memes that I have not included here apart from having a link to where you can see them on another blog post of mine).


2. It's not murder because Jews aren't actually "people."


4. Imagine No Islam

5. Mad World News (This one got me a 30 day ban from Facebook)


7. THE 9/11 ATTACKS AHA Meme (#PAETTPLM stands for Put An End To The Pro Life Movement)

There are also quite a few abortion memes that I've posted in the past that were considered by Facebook to be too graphic and so were removed or censored.  (See here)

Meanwhile Facebook seems to have no problem with death wishes made against us. (The comment below was reported and I was told that it did not violate Facebook standards.)

Nor do Facebook seem to think that pedophilia related groups or pictures are a violation of their standards. (See this this BBC News story).

What do you think about all of this? Feel free to comment below.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Is Satire Now a Violation of Facebook's Standards? 911 AHA Meme Censored

This meme was censored today by Facebook. I've got no idea why. Someone reported it and I was told by Facebook that it was "abusive".

I was asked if I want to remove it, but for some reason it's already been removed.

So this is "abusive", but abortion isn't? And a person telling me the other day that he wishes I was dead is not abusive?

The meme is satirical. It's pointing out the absurdity of the Pro Life movement's focus on trying to regulate the abortion industry and make it safer for women to murder their babies. #PAETTPLM stands for Put An End To The Pro Life Movement. The meme is an AHA meme, which stands for Abolish Human Abortion (not regulate it).

I have a feeling that it could have been atheists that reported the post. It wouldn't surprise me if it was someone who claims to believe in "freedom of speech" and whines about the fact that I occasionally report posts that I consider to be actual violations of Facebook's community standards (such as the death wish above, which Facebook said did not violate their standards.)

This kind of censorship of our page has been going on for months now, and I've lost count of the exact number of times we've had our page temporarily shut down or that I've been banned from Facebook for posting things like the meme above that I genuinely believe are within their guidelines.

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Friday, February 5, 2016

Facebook Shut Our Page Down Again - Westboro vs Abolitionists Banned Meme

This meme was removed from the God or Absurdity Facebook page today for violating Facebook's Community Standards. As a result our page was unpublished for approximately 7 hours and my backup Facebook account has been hit with a 24 hour ban.

Here is the explanation I put with the above meme when I posted it:

In hindsight I could have explained more clearly that we are against Westboro (it's a cult and hate group), but I thought that the contrast between the top picture and the bottom picture was clear enough to show that one has a message of hate and the other group (abolitionists) have a message of love - that forgiveness for the sin of abortion can be found through Jesus Christ. You can also clearly see in the picture that a relaxed conversation is taking place. Those looking at the sign are not upset but are interested in their message.

I've lost count of exactly how many times we've been unjustly banned by Facebook for speaking the truth about things like Islam, abortion, and homosexuality. (See below for info about the other occasions this kind of thing has happened).

People might argue that we're violating Facebook's community standards around hate speech, but I don't believe we are. We are not promoting hate - we are saying hard truths out of love and the desire for all people to come to know Jesus Christ - but this is where part of the problem comes in because what one person considers to be a hard truth another considers to be hate speech. And these days the reality is that truth has become the new hate speech.

Another part of the problem is the way that the Facebook guidelines are inconsistently applied. For example yesterday an LGBT supporter posted this message on our page:

I reported this comment to Facebook and they responded: "We reviewed the comment you reported for harassment and found it doesn't violate our Community Standards."

This is absurd. Memes that have a message against Westboro and call abortion a sin are violations of their standards, but comments that are bordering on being death threats are ok? What can I do about it to appeal? Nothing. All I can do really is speak out against this kind of nonsense and encourage others to get the word out.

The way things are heading it is looking highly likely that the main God or Absurdity Facebook page will be shut down, so I encourage you to sign up to my blog by email (on the upper right of the blog) and also to like our backup Facebook pages God or Absurdity Reloaded, and God or Absurdity Revolutions.

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