Friday, April 29, 2016

Censored For Exposing Insanity of Facebook Censorship

This was just removed from Facebook (from God or Absurdity Revolutions) and I've been hit with a 3 day ban. Will the Facebook insanity ever end?

So it's ok to call for people to assassinate Donald Trump, but it's not ok to point out the insanity of allowing that but not allowing a cover pic with the words 'God or Absurdity Reloaded' and on it?

The above post that was removed several days ago (along with the whole Facebook page being shut down and deleted) was our cover pic for the God or Absurdity Reloaded FB page.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

God or Absurdity Reloaded Unpublished For Offending Atheist Trolls

God or Absurdity Reloaded has been unpublished. The whole page is down, and it looks like it will be permanent if what happened to our previous page is anything to go by.

I've appealed the decision, but I don't like our chances, so from now on we'll be using our other Facebook page God or Absurdity Revolutions. (Also make sure to sign up to this blog by email if you don't want to miss anything or get left behind if our new page gets shut down too.)

The God or Absurdity Reloaded page was unpublished earlier today for this post:

Exactly how this post doesn't follow the "Facebook Community Standards" is unclear, and we weren't told. Did Nietzsche and Darwin's philosophies help pave the way for a rise in atheism and to Hitler and Nazism? I believe the answer to that is a definite yes. (See for example here and here). Are all atheists like Hitler? No - of course not. But atheism can contribute to a person doing evil things - if you think that there is no God to be accountable then why not?

While some people might find the meme offensive - so what? If we can't talk about things that people may find offensive merely because people find them offensive then this can lead to oppression and tyranny.

This is a screenshot that I took yesterday on the Atheist Republic page and posted on our page of a comment by a professed atheist, and the response I made which is a quote from George Orwell that was posted on the Atheist Republic page earlier that day:

This shows the mentality of what we're up against, and I believe that there have been many professed atheists like Kevin that have been trolling our page because they're offended - offended ultimately not by what we're saying but by the fact that we are confronting them with the truth that exposes the lies they're believing.

We've regularly posted things on our page that speak against atheism, evolution, and millions of years, and we expose why they are false using an approach called presuppositional apologetics. Presuppositional apologetics is not evidential apologetics. It doesn't merely present the evidence for the probability of God's existence. Presup presents the certainty of God's existence and the certainty of the truth of the Bible.

So flowing from that we present the certainty of the fact that abortion is murder, and the certainty of the fact that Islam is false. Also when it comes to Islam we expose the fact that ISIS and Islamic terrorism are pure Islam. 

So I can understand people getting upset, but what is difficult to believe is that Facebook admins are listening to people that report us and kowtowing to them, but when Christians report things that clearly violate the page guidelines we're usually told that they don't violate the page guidelines.

As an example of that, take the picture that was posted on Atheist Republic's page the other day that had a man eating a baby like it was fried chicken. While I assume it was photoshopped it really looked like a real baby. (See my blog post on that here).

Another example of the Facebook hypocrisy here is that pages that advocate burning down churches are said to not violate their community standards. (See for example Burn the Church).

Facebook says this page does NOT violate their community standards.
In the About section of this page it says "Do not let the church continue flushing brains"

For those who aren't aware our original page was unjustly shut down several months ago. At that point we had a reach of 1.7 million and over 11,000 likes.

With the recent shut down of our second page it only had 1,376 Likes, but it was starting to grow rapidly and had picked up to a reach of 130,000 people.

Some of the atheist trolls argue that we deserve to be shut down because we ban people from our pages, but that is totally different. When people get banned from our page they can go elsewhere and voice their opinions. They can even start their own page if they want (as many have done - there are now many pages that are spin offs from our page that mock us such as Zod or Absurdity, and God is Absurdity.) Also Facebook admins get paid to do their job of working as admins - but we do this ministry as volunteers, and while a few generous people have given donations to this ministry at the moment it barely covers costs and doesn't even begin to reimburse us for the time we put in to it.

The bottom line is - we will press on. We aren't going to abandon Facebook. We will keep trying to be a voice for truth as long as we can on Facebook because that is where the most people are. And ultimately I believe that all of this will backfire on those reporting us and taking us down, because the truth will not remain hidden.

What do you think about all of this? Comment below (I'll turn off comment moderation for now and see how it goes).

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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sick Professed Atheists Joke About Eating Babies

WARNING: The content of this blog post may be disturbing. (However, the truth needs to be told).

Yesterday the above meme was posted on Atheist Republic's Facebook page (a militant atheist Facebook page with almost 1.3 Million likes)  along with the comment "mmm...babies":

What kind of sick people joke about eating babies? Atheists. And to prove that it wasn't just one person who felt this way, the comments quickly ensued and rapidly spiraled downward. The worst part was when Jerremy posted a picture of an man eating a baby like it was fried chicken. I've blurred out the baby as it's a disturbing image.

As you can see, even after that picture was posted people were still joking about eating babies.

I reported the picture to Facebook, and got the following response from Facebook:

I responded to the Facebook reply with a short comment saying that I wasn't impressed especially given the way our pages have been censored for far less graphic images than what was posted. (See God or Absurdity Facebook Page Unpublished for Criticizing Islam).

I just checked again now and the image posted by Jerremy is still visible and now has 10 likes, and people are still posting comments joking about eating babies. Not one person has said that they think the picture is disgusting and there are about 60 comments now following that picture. One person asked if it was a real picture, but didn't say anything beyond that. 

UPDATE: Someone else tried reporting the same picture and got a response from Facebook saying it doesn't violate their community standards:

Ironically, not long after Atheist Republic posted the baby meme they posted this question:

I responded by asking the question: "When you're making jokes about eating babies do you think you're helping?"

Despite all of these sick atheists online many atheists are relatively good people but that's measuring by human standards. The reality is that when we measure ourselves by God's perfection we see that we're all sinful.

The other important thing to realise is that without God there is no basis for morality, and no reason to behave in a moral way, so why not eat babies? And why not murder babies through abortion or commit infanticide if you believe that we're ultimately nothing more than bunches of chemicals and evolved pond scum? This is the kind of sick absurdity that results when people reject God and suppress the truth as it describes in Romans 1.

It's also worth mentioning that Richard Dawkins has said that he has no real moral objections to eating human road kill! (See short YouTube clip Richard Dawkins on cannibalism & human road kill).

Note too this comment on the Dawkins video:

The reason that we don't turned aborted babies into canned dog food is because we know that human beings are made in God's image. We all innately know that God exists, and that's why most people have a natural revulsion to the idea of eating human flesh. It's only in cultures that have become really sick and depraved to the point that their consciences are "seared" do people come to think that cannibalism is ok.

If you're reading this and don't know Christ, I urge you to repent and turn to Jesus Christ. Only he can forgive us and make us clean. Only he can give us right desires to live in a way that is holy and pure.

What do you think? Leave your comment below. (Comments are moderated).

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Friday, April 15, 2016

Christian Middle Earth Memes FB Page Forced to Remove "Abusive" Meme

This meme was posted recently on the Facebook page Christian Middle Earth Memes, but as a result of what was most likely upset C.S. Lewis fans reporting the meme, it was censored by Facebook and got the whole page temporarily shut down.

According to Christian Middle Earth Memes (CMEM) this is what happened:
"Well... Facebook informed us that we had to remove our "abusive" meme or our page would remain "unpublished". So, to bow to the wishes of our liberal hosts, we have done so."
Another comment from CMEM sarcastically said: "If you can't win the theological debate with reason, facts, or scripture, report them to the FB police and they will enact their liberal anti-christian policy."

The meme has CS Lewis on the left, and J.R.R. Tolkein on the right. While the meme is debatable, it's hard to believe that Facebook have been so heavy handed over it, and also hard to believe that what must have been a considerable number of Christians have reported it.

It would appear that C.S Lewis was a theistic evolutionist in his younger years as a Christian, but in later years he came to question and oppose evolution as being false. (See C.S. Lewis and Evolution -

I'm still trying to find where C.S. Lewis said that all roads lead to heaven, but if he did say this is wouldn't surprise me as while he was a great philosopher and theologian he also at times was quite liberal in his theology.

What do you think? Leave your comments below.

Is Quoting the Quran Now Banned on Facebook?

About a month ago this picture was removed from the God or Absurdity Reloaded Facebook page.

All it is doing is quoting a verse from the Quran alongside a picture of ISIS to try and make the point that ISIS are following what the Quran says. Why would FB censor that if it's so clear that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam? They could argue that the verse incites violence, but it's not the verse that's the problem - it's the ideology that actually believes the verse and decides to take it seriously - which is what ISIS and fundamentalist Islam try to do. If we can't even discuss this in the public sphere then how can we get the message out when the media is censoring this message out of fear of being thought racist or fear of inflaming the situation. As big as the problem of terrorism is, the problem of being too PC is in some ways just as great because it refuses to call the enemy what it is - Islamic terrorism being committed by those who are being faithful to what the Quran teaches and what Muhammad actually did. 

Here's another meme that I made that surprisingly hasn't been censored (yet) that is relevant:

And in case anyone is wondering how we can know whether Islam is true or not:

What do you think? Leave your comment below in the comment section.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Free Thought Meme Censored - Thinking on Facebook Now a Thought Crime

It could just be official - thinking and expressing those thoughts and ideas on Facebook is now a thought crime. This meme was removed today from God or Absurdity Reloaded for violating FB's community "standards" and I was hit with a 7 day ban on one of my accounts. Another admin on our page was hit with a 3 day ban, and the whole page was unpublished, although fortunately that was just temporary. 

Ironically the meme was made by The Free Thought Project (see the website link in the middle of the meme. I checked their website and Facebook page (which has around 700,000 Likes) and they post a lot of conspiracy theories and things to do with government corruption. I'm skeptical about most conspiracy theories, but it's concerning that FB are censoring memes like that above. (I contacted the Free Thought Project and told them about the meme getting censored and they said that many of their admins have also been getting hit by bans.)

While the meme above doesn't mention abortion, it's a powerful argument against abortion especially given that one of the most common excuses people use is that it's legal. When I shared this meme it did mention abortion just above the meme because I shared it via the Facebook page Abolish Human Abortion Christchurch.

While there isn't much we can do about FB censorship, we can share the truth with others. So please share this blog and let others know what is going on.

Some have said that Christians should look at moving to a Christian alternative to FB, but I disagree. I believe that it's important that we continue to fight for the truth and stay where the majority of people are. I don't see how going off into a Christian ghetto is seen as progress. We have been called to be salt and light in the world, and so being a Christian presence on FB is vitally important.

One thing you can do to help is to subscribe to this blog by email. You can also like our backup FB page God or Absurdity Revolutions.

We will keep on pressing on and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and sharing the truth that the media won't tell you about the reality of abortion and Islam, as well as refuting and exposing atheism and evolutionary lies.

I believe that one of the reasons our page is being targeted for censoring is because we use a biblical presuppositional apologetics approach that challenges the false beliefs people have and gets under the skin of unbelievers and those holding to false beliefs.

Think of it this way - a person that is sick will not see their need of a Dr or medicine until they have been convinced that they really are sick. Likewise a person will not see their need of the good news about Christ until they see the reality of the bad news of their sin.

The Bible says 'Thou shalt not murder' and so when we expose abortion as murder it is using the commandment against murder and applying it to the evil of our age. While there would seem to be atheists stalking our page in order to report things, I believe that it's likely that there are also FB admins that are essentially stalking our page. This could be because they're among one of the 1 in 3 women in America that have had an abortion, and as a result they feel guilty and angry that someone is calling out their sin for what it is.

Whatever the case may be, God is at work, and I believe that ultimately the bans and censoring will backfire and the truth will be made known.

Thanks for reading. What do you think about all of this? Leave your comment below.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Hitler Abortion Monster Meme Removed and 3 Day Ban

This is the third time this week that I've had a meme removed by Facebook and been banned. This time I've been given a 3 day ban on a backup account, and this meme was removed from the God or Absurdity Reloaded FB page.

Facebook censorship is out of control, but there isn't much that I personally can do about it other than keep on speaking the truth. One thing you can do is to share this blog post with others. You can also sign up by email to this blog, and Like our backup Facebook page, which is God or Absurdity Revolutions.

If you'd like to donate to the work I'm doing you can do so at It takes a lot of work to do everything I'm doing, and every time I get banned it increases the work I have to do to get the truth out there, but it does tell me that I'm on the right track as I'm obviously hitting a nerve with those that can't handle the truth and want to suppress the truth in unrighteousness.

Some might argue that the meme is offensive to those who have had an abortion - and I can understand that people might find it offensive, but it's far more offensive that babies are being murdered and our society wants to keep the reality of that hidden, just like the Nazis did with the holocaust.

If you have had an abortion then you can find forgiveness in Christ alone. He alone can remove the guilt and shame that comes from having murdered your child. And if you're truly repentant you'll want to do everything you can to discourage others from murdering their babies.

If you'd like to leave a comment you can do so in the comment section below, but derogatory or abusive comments will not be approved as I don't have enough time or energy to deal with trolls. If you've been banned from our page for trolling and are upset about that - it's likely that your expectations are unrealistic and belong to someone that is better paid and better supported than I am for the work that I do. (Currently the donations I'm getting don't cover the hours I'm putting in - they are just covering basic costs - although I do greatly appreciate those who are supporting this ministry).

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

30 Day Ban for Dear Atheist Hitler Meme

Facebook censorship strikes again. This time this meme was removed from the God or Absurdity Reloaded FB page and I was hit with a 30 day ban.

Atheists and Facebook are confirming the truth of the meme in their behaviour. While they aren't physically attacking me, they're using one of the tactics that the Nazis used to silence their opposition by censoring and banning me. (Note - this is different from us banning trolls on our page as they have freedom to post what they want on their own pages, and also there is nothing here in this meme that is violating the FB page guidelines as far as I can see.)

What do you think? Let me know in the comment section below.

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Monday, April 4, 2016

Facebook Censored This Abortion Comment and Gave Me a 24 Hour Ban

Facebook have done it again - censored another post I made. This time they censored this comment, gave me a 24 hour ban, and unpublished the God or Absurdity Reloaded FB page. (It was a temporary unpublishing it would seem).

The conversation took place on the NZ herald facebook page re this story about stigmata.
Many people on that post were mocking God including Max:

After my comment Max continued:

And after that I wrote the comment which is the one above that got reported and censored.

The conversation reminds me of a meme that got banned from our page a month or two ago:

(For more about the above Nazi / abortion meme see my blog post here)

The whole thing is absurd - that Facebook would censor and ban an obvious example of reductio ad absurdum is ridiculous. For those who are still confused or any Facebook admins that are particularly obtuse - I don't hate Jews or think that the Nazi holocaust was good or that murder in any shape or form is good.

All I'm doing is simply taking the absurd atheistic evolutionary beliefs held by many in our society (such as Max) and taking those beliefs to their absurd but logical conclusion. Without God there is no basis for the sanctity of any human life - let alone babies in the womb. Without God we'd just be evolved pond scum or as Greg Bahnsen often said "matter in motion" (See for example 'The Great Debate'). So killing a baby would be no more murder than destroying a concrete block or a parasite would be murder - all of those things from a secular worldview perspective are just atoms bouncing around.

That's all I'm doing really. Taking what I've learned from Sye Ten Bruggencate and Greg Bahnsen, and "Pushing the Antithesis" to show the absurdity of the professed unbeliever's position. Unfortunately Facebook and society in general now consider that to be hate speech, but of course it's "ok" to talk about babies as parasites that can be killed if you don't want them.

One other thing I'd like to say is that I don't believe that the answer to the problem of censorship on Facebook is leaving Facebook. I believe that it's important that we as Christians continue to do what we can to stay on Facebook and not try and go off to some ghetto Christian social media where hardly anyone is. We need to do what we can to be a voice in what is today the largest online social meeting place in the world. Like it or not, that is what Facebook is these days, and I believe it is our duty as Christians to be salt and light there so that we can reach as many people as we can with the truth and with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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