Sunday, September 16, 2018

Trouble Is A Servant

'Trouble is a Servant' is a poem by John Wright Follette, from the book his book “Broken Bread”.
 I first heard the poem years ago when doing a 'Living Wisdom' course run by David Riddell, and I've often reflected on the poem and found it incredibly insightful and encouraging. So I thought it would be good to blog it in the hope that it's a blessing and encouragement to others.

Trouble Is A Servant

“All of us know trouble – at least I hope we do;
Trouble is a servant, but known as such to few.
We are taught to shun her and, if she comes too near,
Seldom do we face her but run away in fear.
Good and bad must meet her, the universe around 
Sinners, saints, kings and knaves she comes where man is found.
Always make her serve you, for she can serve you well;
Just HOW you may use her your life will always tell.
Trouble is but passive – it’s by our power to will
We make her either bless us or do the soul some ill.
How do you translate her from phrases filled with pain
To messages of strengthfrom loss to endless gain?
By faith we see behind the outer frightful mask
A servant in disguise, to do a gracious task.
Hearts may feel her wounding and life may suffer loss;
Faith translates her working, as freeing gold from dross.
Trouble will discover to any yielded heart
Hidden depths of power it only knew in part;
Sympathizing power, and love that understands;
Strength to help another with trouble-tested hands.
Trouble will release you from self and make you kind,
Adding new dimensions to heart and soul and mind.
Do not shun this servant, but look beyond her task
To beauty she will workfor which you daily ask.
Always see in trouble a chance to grow in grace,
Not a stroke of evil to hinder in your race.
Live the life triumphant above her fiery darts;
Rich fruitage will be yours to share with needy hearts.”

Friday, September 7, 2018

New Conservatives - Committed to the Continuation of the Abortion Holocaust

"Woe to those who make unjust laws, to those who issue oppressive decrees." (Isaiah 10:1)

The New Conservative Party Abortion Policy - A Review
The New Conservative party (formerly named the Conservative party) is the main conservative political party in New Zealand. After recent frustrating attempts to discuss the problems with the NC party abortion policy with the leaders and supporters of the NC party I've decided that it would be good for me to write a blog post that analyses the serious problems with the NC abortion policy.

I posted about these problems recently in their facebook group, and was basically booted out of the group because of it. It looks like I'm going to be allowed back into the group on the condition that I don't post any graphic abortion images and basically that I generally tone down my opposition to abortion. One of the reasons that I was booted from the group was that I asked their deputy leader Elliot Ikilei this question: "Do you accept that babies in the womb are fully human, and just as human as you or I?" 
The answer I got from Elliot was that "there is little difference between born babies and babies in the womb."  I wasn't happy with this answer because it doesn't really answer the question, so I repeated the question to him and asked for a yes or no answer from him. Elliot then repeatedly obfuscated at least a dozen times and said that he had answered the question. His answer that there is little difference between them would be a good answer if I'd asked him 'how much difference is there between born and pre-born babies?' But I didn't ask him that. Of course there is some difference in terms of levels of development between born and pre-born babies, but there is no difference in terms of their humanity, which was what I wanted Elliot to say that he accepts. Then when I tried to make a new post addressing this question directly my post was not posted, so I tried to get an answer from Elliot on a different post, all of which eventually led to my being booted without warning. (Which was especially surprising given the strong stance that NC leaders such as Elliot take on freedom of speech).

NC Abortion Policy (with their policy in bold italics and between // //)

With that said, let's look at the policy itself (found on their website here):

//New Conservative is opposed to the decriminalisation of abortion.//

Already we're off to a bad start. While abortion is technically illegal in N.Z. there are so many loopholes in the current law that make it easy for women to get abortions. To oppose the further liberalization of abortion is a weak stance. Instead of merely opposing the further liberalization of abortion they should be totally opposing abortion altogether and calling for the abolition of abortion.

//New Conservative is committed to ensure that abortion as practiced under The Contraception, Sterilisation and Abortion Act 1977//

More serious problems - they should be opposing the 1977 law and calling for it to be abolished and replaced with laws that criminalize all abortion as murder. In fact no new laws would be required - they'd just need to extend our current laws against murder to include all human beings and to do away with the abortion loopholes.

// is actually practiced in accordance with that law, when “serious danger to the life,//

Serious danger to the life of the mother is very rare (around 1% of pregnancies), and in cases where the life of the mother is at serious risk then everything should be done to save both mother and child. In the process of trying to save both lives this may result in the sad death of the unborn baby through a premature delivery. That kind of emergency situation is totally different from the deliberate butchering of the pre-born baby through abortion.

//or to the physical or mental health, of the woman or girl” exists,//

Killing a baby just because the mother goes crazy is never justified. In situations such as severe depression everything should be done to treat the women's depression and to save her baby. It would also be very difficult to objectively know for sure whether a women is really depressed or just telling herself and others emotionally based lies / misbeliefs.

// and “having full regard for the rights of the unborn child.”//

You can't have massive loopholes like there are currently in the law and also have full regard for the rights of the unborn child. It is good though that they do mention the rights of the unborn child, and call the pre-born baby an unborn child - thus they acknowledge here the full humanity of the baby in the womb and do not accept that the unborn child is just a fetus or just a blob of tissue without the right to life and without the right to not be murdered. However the rest of what they have said contradicts their desire to have full regard for the rights of the unborn child.

The reality is that there is no moral difference between murdering a born baby, and killing a baby in the womb through abortion. Both in God's sight are murder.

//The Rights of the unborn child need to be defined in New Zealand law reflecting the recognition of the UN Convention on the Rights of a Child 1989 that “the child, by reason of his physical and mental immaturity, needs special safeguards and protection, including appropriate legal protection, before as well as after birth,” and in Article 6 “every child has the inherent right to life.”//

This is good, but as I've already mentioned, the rest of what they're saying in their policy totally contradicts this and would suggest that they don't really believe it.

//New Conservative would ensure that anyone seeking abortion is given sufficient factual information through compulsory independent counselling and a minimum of 48 hours reflection time to enable them to make an informed choice as to whether they continue to seek an abortion in accordance with the law or not. Such advice would include information regarding Pill Reversal for chemical abortions, alternative paths such as adoption with prenatal and postnatal care and support.//

Given that in God's sight there is no moral difference between the intentional killing of a baby before it's born, there is also no moral difference from that and killing a born baby, or for that matter an adult. All are fully human and have the right to not be murdered. With that in mind let's reread their policy with the words altered slightly from abortion to 'killing a Jew'.

The New Conservative Policy on Jew Killing

New Conservative would ensure that anyone seeking to kill Jews is given sufficient factual information through compulsory independent counselling and a minimum of 48 hours reflection time to enable them to make an informed choice as to whether they continue to seek to kill a Jew / Jews in accordance with the law or not. Such advice would include information regarding chemical gas poisoning reversal for gas chamber killings, alternative paths such as adoption with appropriate care and support.

//New Conservative would ensure that the matter of coercion and other factors that may render an abortion illegal such as the fabrication of health risks to the mother be addressed, and that “persons of influence” in such cases could be liable under the Crimes Act.//

New Conservative would ensure that the matter of coercion and other factors that may render killing Jews illegal such as the fabrication of Jewish race identity be addressed, and that "persons of influence" in such cases could be liable under the Crimes Act.//

//New Conservative would ensure that, except in exceptional circumstances, parental notification occurs in regards to abortion procedures sought for children aged 16 and under.//

New Conservative would ensure that, except in exceptional circumstances, family notification occurs in regards to Jew killing procedures sought for children aged 16 and under.

As you can hopefully see all of this is totally insane. You shouldn't have a policy that basically says it's ok to murder babies as long as you notify the family first, or that it's ok to murder babies as long as you get 48 hours counselling first.

//Other party positions on abortion*:​
National and Maori/Mana support abortion//

The New Conservative Party supports abortion too.

//Labour, Greens, TOP and Act support further liberalisation of abortion//

Our laws are already far too liberal. Liberalizing them further would make very little difference in terms of the overall numbers of babies being murdered. But conservatives use this kind of rhetoric as a scare tactic to distract from what they should be calling for - total abolition of abortion.

//NZ First oppose abortion//

NZ First doesn't oppose abortion any more than the NC party does. And now that the current deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters is in power (and was for a few months the acting PM) it's clear that he has no real interest in opposing abortion at all.

//* source: Family First New Zealand and other Party statements//

Family First and Bob McCroskie are just as corrupt as the NC party. I've had email conversations with him and it's clear that he will not call for the abolition of abortion but instead has the same kind of wishy washy and sinful pro-life thinking as most conservatives.

In conclusion, we must call for the total abolition of abortion, and not compromise just because we pragmatically think that most people accept abortion as a necessary evil or something that we can't change.

It's a sad reality today that most people (even most conservatives) think that it's worse to oppose abortion than it is to be apathetic about it.

The bottom line is that abortion is murder, and incremental legislation to try and regulate how a person can murder another person is corrupt and insane. We must stop voting for the lesser evil because it's the lesser evil compromises that are keeping abortion legal. In NZ that has resulted in the murder of over 500,000 babies in the last 4 decades of the abortion holocaust.

I'd also like to mention that there is one party in New Zealand that does have a policy to abolish abortion - the GodsownNZ party. But unfortunately that party is not an official registered party because it doesn't have the required minimum 500 members to become an official party.

Finally, if you are not already an abolitionist I encourage you to become one! Join the fight to abolish abortion in New Zealand. Abortion must be abolished.

For Further Reading / Research:

- Abolish Human Abortion.
- The Difference between Pro-life and Abolition.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Facebook Censors Nazi Parasite Anti Abortion Meme

Fascistbook have struck again and censored and removed the following meme 'NAZI PROPAGANDA: JEWS ARE PARASITES... LIBERAL PROPAGANDA: UNBORN BABIES ARE PARASITES:

It was removed today, along with giving me another 30 day ban:

They also once again said that the God or Absurdity Online facebook page has been unpublished:

However despite this warning the page does not seem to have been unpublished.

This is the 41st time facebook have censored me for things I've posted on God or Absurdity. (See here for all 41 of the censored and removed posts).

The meme that was removed is a very important one, because it counters the common argument from pro-aborts that a fetus is just a parasite.

I made it after repeatedly encountering that terrible argument, and after I discovered that the Nazis official propaganda actually called Jews parasites.

The book on the left of the meme is this one:

It's title 'Der Jude als Weltparasit', means 'The Jew as World Parasite'. It was published in 1944 by the Nazi party, and as you can imagine from the title it's incredibly anti-Semitic, and outlines the racist Nazi ideology that tried to justify the extermination of the Jews. Here's one quote from the book to give you an idea of what it's about: "the Führer repeatedly said that the Jew was a parasite."
(For more on this book see here).

To make things explicitly clear - I'm totally against Nazism. That should be clear enough from the meme which uses the word propaganda.

I'm also totally against abortion (I'm an abolitionist, which is very different from being a pro-lifer. Abolitionists call for the total abolition of abortion, whereas being pro-life is usually just a moral opinion that abortion is wrong. (See this article for the differences between pro-life and abolition.)

Another thing is that the idea that babies in the womb are just parasites is absurdly false:

It's absurd that facebook have censored this meme, as the meme is trying to show the absurdity of those who argue for abortion - and the links that it has with the Nazi ideology that led to the Nazi holocaust. Abortion is a holocaust, and without God there would be no objective basis for morality by which to say that any killing is morally wrong. The fact that every sane person recoils at the thought of the Nazi holocaust is because everyone knows in their heart of hearts that God exists and that morality exists.

The censorship that is happening increasingly on facebook against those who speak out against evil is disturbing, but we must continue to speak the truth. To help counter the censoring please share this blog post, subscribe to the blog, and make sure to like the backup page for God or Absurdity at God or Absurdity Resurrected.

Also, if you'd like to share the original meme, here it is:

Friday, February 16, 2018

English Bible Words

The Argument For God From English Bible Words

Gus: Now, gimme a word, any word, and I'll show you how the root of that word is Greek. Okay? How about arachnophobia? Arachna, that comes from the Greek word for spider, and phobia is a phobia, is mean fear. So, fear of spider, there you go.

Schoolgirl: Okay, Mr. Portokalos. How about the word kimono?

Young Athena: [whispers] Good one.

Gus: Kimono, kimono, kimono. Ha! Of course! Kimono is come from the Greek word himona, is mean winter. So, what do you wear in the wintertime to stay warm? A robe. You see: robe, kimono. There you go!

(From the movie ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’)

While the above quote is humorous, it is surprising the number of English words and phrases that come from the Bible. (Especially the King James Version or KJV – and don’t worry, I’m not going to try and show that all English words or phrases have biblical origins – just some!)

When people talk about the Bible or God you might think it’s just babble, but the word babble comes from the Bible! The origin of languages comes from the Tower of Babel (babel in Hebrew means ‘to confuse’) where God ‘confused’ the languages and from there people groups and nations originated. (Genesis 11.) Before this event there was only one language. (We don’t know what this language was – Jews would argue it was Hebrew, and Muslims believe Arabic is the language of God.)

In today’s society we often use Bible words and phrases without realising it. Even down to people’s names, about 2600 of which come directly from the Bible such as John, James, Phoebe, and Priscilla, to name a few. (The original Priscilla wasn’t a drag queen of the desert!)

Occasionally you hear stories about people trying to call their children names like Lucifer and Satan, but despite our society having gone a long way from biblical truth even most non-christians find those names objectionable.  

In sport we have the term ‘sin bin’ that comes from the Bible’s teaching on sin.

We celebrate Christmas which comes from the words ‘Christ’ and ‘mass.’ (A church service).

Many movies use biblical terms too. Take for example the movie ‘Watchmen’ (2009) (Isaiah 52:8 – which also contains the phrase to ‘see eye to eye’:  "Thy watchmen shall lift up the voice... they shall see eye to eye..." )

To ‘give up the ghost’ nowadays is used when something inanimate stops working. It comes from the Bible and originally meant for a person to die. (Job 14:10 etc.)

When Jesus died on the cross to save us he ‘gave up the ghost’: “And Jesus cried with a loud voice, and gave up the ghost.” (Mark 15:37 KJV). This sounds strange to modern ears because of the way language has changed, so modern translations here say Jesus ‘breathed his last’.

The above examples are just a small sampling of many words and phrases in use today that come from the Bible. However, many of us are unaware of the origins of the words we use. Acts 17:28 tells us that it is in God ‘we live and move and have our being’ even if we are unaware of it!

I encourage you to read the Bible and get to ‘the root of the matter’ for yourself (Job 19:28)

Don’t let the ‘powers that be’ stop you. (Romans 13:1). Don’t wait until you are at your wit’s end (Psalm 107:27), at ‘death’s door’ (Job 38:17), about to ‘bite the dust’ (Psalms 72.9), seeing ‘the writing on the wall’ (Daniel 5), or about to ‘give up the ghost’ to seek God. You don’t know when you will die for death comes ‘like a thief in the night’. (2 Peter 3:10)

Humble yourself and cry out to God because ‘pride comes before a fall.’ (Proverbs 16:18)

Give your ‘broken heart’ (Psalms 34:18) to God and you will find peace for ‘there is no rest for the wicked.’ (Isaiah 57:20-21)

‘God bless you’. (Numbers 6:24)

Friday, February 9, 2018

Public Menace - Bad Science Brigade

This morning while in a waiting room for an appointment I picked up a "North and South" magazine to pass the time, and while reading I came across a very interesting letter to the editor that I was so impressed with I decided to repost it on my blog. I managed to find it online on PressReader, but it was not in text format, so I copied and typed it out myself here. What Dr Sharpe says is so true, and this information needs to be spread more widely to help counter the public menace of the anti-science brigade.


Views on misguided medical "researchers"...
North & South 1 Aug 2017  Dr GRAHAM SHARPE, WELLINGTON

Bad Science Brigade

SARAH LANG gets it absolutely correct in her column "Herd Stupidity" (Nerd Nation, July). The anti-vaccination phenomenon demonstrates an underlying anti-science and anti-medicine bias, growing in New Zealand and encouraged by a compliant media and a teaching profession lacking in critical analysis skills.

A couple of examples. I was interviewed in Radio New Zealand about modern anaesthesia. Before we started, I was instructed to say nothing that would offend those who believe in "so-called alternative medicine" (my terminology - SCAM for short), as they would be inundated by aggressive complaints and demands for the right of reply. This is apparently to give "balance" to the debate.

I increasingly come across patients who tell me they have "researched" some medical matter relevant to our interaction.
I have found that any attempt to have a rational discussion with such "researchers" is wasted. They have not done any research. Rather, they have cherry-picked from the internet, reinforcing a pre-existing bias. To give credence to such so-called research is potentially dangerous, for the individual patient and to the wider community. I have found that the best way to deal with this is actually to become hideously interested, and start a detailed and esoteric discussion about proper research, with all its attendant statistical complexities, including an admission that I find the mathematics involved extremely complex and hard to follow. What interests and also appals me is that these are often apparently well-educated people.

There is no debate to be had with the anti-vaccine brigade. They are a public-health menace. Their fellow travellers of the homeopathy and similar cults are also best ignored. The media has a role to expose them as the charlatans they are, so congratulations for publishing Lang's column. Unfortunately, the media in general give these people too much uncritical coverage.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

God or Absurdity Facebook Page Still Getting Censored

The God or Absurdity facebook page that I run is still getting censored. God or Absurdity Online is my main page now and today another post was removed by Facebook. That takes the total up to 40 posts removed and censored. (Yes FORTY!)  It's absurd and unjust, and to add insult to injury the last two times they've not even told me exactly what was removed.

I've documented all of the posts that have been removed in this blog post here: God or Absurdity - the Most Censored Facebook Page Ever.

Several times now they have told me 'Your Page Has Been Unpublished' but when I've checked I've found that they page is still published and hasn't been shut down.

All of this is a far cry from over a year ago when the God or Absurdity page had a reach of over a million people.

Of course the mainstream media, and even Christian media have not been interested in this story, so to help counter this, please share this blog post to help get the word out.